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Los Alamos county, bringing the twenty nine thousand nine Los Alamos summer concert series at Ashley pond, the secret city, summer concerts. This is the biggest and best free new music series in the state on may twenty fourth. Boku Tonga presented by state farm agent involved in the Holiday Inn express on may thirty first big head Todd and the monsters. Yes. Big head Todd and the monsters totally free. Thanks to the credit union and del Norte credit union. On June, seventh liver down the river brought to you by chamber fest on June fourteenth for New Orleans from our Allen and the underdog celebrate Los Alamos pride on June twenty-first, Los Alamos, National Bank brings us on New Mexico. Craft is still regard is presented by the rolling still brothers and bathtub row brewing. Co op six to ten pm. Friday's this summer in Los Alamos for more info about our full summer concert lineup event details visit secret city, summer, concerts dot com. I'm a forty year old man that walked in there to get his high school diploma. Very hard for me. But Missouri Sally she gave me direction at age forty seven Marco finished. His high school diploma. Fifty percent of getting your high school diploma is walking through those stores. The other fifty percent is doing the word gets diploma alone. If you're thinking of finishing your high school diploma you have help find free adult education classes near you at finishyourdiploma dot org. That's finish your diploma dot org. Brought to you by the Dollar General literacy foundation and the Ad Council. Not completing high school is more of a social thing. But it wasn't academe ick thing. Even all these years at passed. I still had that longing to have my diploma at age, thirty charisma finished her face..

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