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The rate of players that have been infected is still very low, so really only had only put. Teams affected dollars. Nashville and Columbus has on player who tested positive Everybody else has been released from that quarantine so I. Mean, that's the plan. The plan is simple, but you're going to have to see what car there might be a lot of their postponed. It's not gonNA look just like the schedule the schedule it was first released the tournaments, not that way Stephan of. Covering the MLS bubble is the only reporter there for ESPN. Joining us year as we kind of try to gleam off what is going to happen with some of these other sports getting started as the MLS will be the first major American team sport to try to get off the ground, so my guess is the schedule right? The the Games that will be postponed will still be played, but they'll have to be pushed back in a different order. I would presume in this particular mls tournament. That the plan. But I could tell you that everything's really fluid right now, There might be some games that there might be some games that won't be played. It's it's a possibility for Sir Right, but the plan is to play them at a later date before the group stage, and even if that means pushing the tournament back pushing the final back a few days, the plan is to get all the games. Possible throughout the group stage but I wouldn't be shocked if there are some games that they don't have just It definitely. Because the possibility. Let me. Ask You about on the Field Carlos Vela has chosen not to play. Obviously, you're talking about an MVP type player in this sport. What does that mean first of all? What is the been the reaction to not playing? And what does that mean for AFC on the field? What would it be really see on the field? There's I mean you're missing your best player. You Miss Your best player best player in the League. That goal scored by. so it's going to affect them without a doubt. We murder player saying I mean I think it was Kinda the worst kept secret I mean. He's expected to child He wasn't comfortable with this whole situation to begin with and what I'm told through my reporting. Is that suit as these harasser? Positive tests with FC Dallas and Columbus came out that was kind of his nail in the comfort, if you to say no I'm. Not GonNa play at, and you gotta respect that right I mean you have to give players in other leagues that are coming back. That are choosing not play and opt out opting out of their return for reasons that you really can't that. You can't really blame them right I mean it's thought about safety for their own family and have to respect that and players in the league. They understand it. they they. There are plenty of players that are here that have contemplated leaving I I spoke to a few that. Have this Zayed's going that. They really don't know what's GonNa. Happen so You know Kinda of see. Some of these players want to continue and wants to continue. With all the details coming out but vela. Dot Com is really not a surprise. Of covering the MLS bubble for us here at ESPN is the only reporter there for ESPN I. Brother Stay Healthy. Stay safe. Thanks for coming on okay. Are Pre ticker you got there is. Coming up next a new face in the NBA is upon us. The face of the League is starting to be much much clear the future face. We'll get to that in two minutes and thirty seconds so Donna. Ten ESPN thanks. For joining us there. He's in the MLS bubble. The only ESPN reporter. They're all brought to you by pennzoil, synthetic motor oils made from natural gas gives you unbeatable engine protection. The proof is in the pennzoil. We got what you need to know coming up in a few minutes. It is interesting day today because Laura always puts the national days up on my on the top of my rundown. and. It's national. Bikini Day, but did you also know that it's also national? Fried Chicken I feel like those two run. Conversely to each other. That's true. You can't be in it Bikini and love frantic and I mean you could, but you can't, but you may not that much of it. Yes, you might not look good in that. Right, Heaney! Grech correct so this is one of your favorite days then. Oh My. The fried, chicken part Oh, my God. What was that to do? Yes, effort for different reasons I don't look as good in a bikini as I used to. But yeah, but yes, the what happened in Miami? All I know is that it's not the same everywhere. The Fried Chicken Day like what I would do to have some Roscoe's today. Are you GonNa? Get Fried Chicken today is Roscoe's open. I'd even open for takeout like I don't even know. I would assume so roscoe's in years. I used to live in Pasadena and I I live not that far from the one in Pasadena many many years ago when I first moved here and we I mean look, we would go there. It was it was delicious. Not I know it's not the best one I know. People will call in or whatever but. Yeah, it's it's really really really good by the way really funny thing that actually happened to me speaking of food and asking if things are open so obviously you know now one would assume a lot of things are open, but maybe they're not. You know just because things have been shut down again to extent I had a conversation with a friend of mine. Who's lived here for a very long time and I'm curious to get your thoughts on this before i. get into the NBA Conversation I wanted to have..

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