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Changcai shack we help them flee to taiwan and set a completely separate country that is called china taiwan's is the republic of china it is china how do they lose their democrats they will win the second world war on our side we help them well it was massive corruption incompetence there was the question who lost china and republicans blamed democrats and democrats plate republicans and everybody blamed can't changcai shack in a famous book called the man who lost china it's like you ran china and then you lost to the communists so china immediately became because the nationalist were on the us side so the communist went to soviets so the chinese communist became soviet friends which makes sense they're communists and so this creates a crisis in the united states who lost china this creates early nixon mccarthy that must be commies in us government that are this is the original deep state if you are watching fox news today this is the original there are comey's in the government that are secretly working with the soviets or the chinese to undermine united states and we've got to go find them nixon made his his name by being part of the house unamerican activities committee you'll get the blacklists that come out of this hollywood writers will get blacklisted for being communists back in the twenties and thirties when communism wasn't yet seen as bad or it wasn't known how bad communism it was seen as an economic system rather than a pro stalinist dictatorship system.

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