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Hot the car's a lost downforce because of the quality of their there's not much more downforce on these cars you can't put booker's on the rear end on the rear wing and more downforce from fully negative to fully positive that we're wing is only a hundred and fifty pounds difference so they i don't think talking to allow the teams to add more downforce berets day i saw a lot of what i did see i saw a lot of guys making a run into one app just fall behind instead of making the pass they just all behind and went one single file again which again was a hundred eighty degrees different than what we saw earlier in the month so can you blame it on the weather one hundred percent i'd say we'll be eighty right because a lot of the teams were just caught out and e either caught out or there just wasn't enough downforce to put on the car that's festive mental iowa's all single accident is just get loose and save it and then the end up in the wall tweak the rules a little bit i think the hamster otherwise it'll be the same thing mixture as it was this year and they'll learn more things over the off season anyway you know they'll look at the data look down numbers and see what they can to get some hot humid sunday afternoon in indiana and it happens i mean look look at last week was in the nineties all week here in joliet last night there's you know there's not a hoodie or sweatshirt left because of the cool weather route sixty six so right i learned from what i was a little boy when you go to indianapolis you take three seasons at close because you never know what is going to be in and i i agree with you burning one hundred percent this is obviously a work in progress and you can simulate all you want with with what the temperature is to do and and assume if you will but when you.

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