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Begins late on an april evening. In nineteen eighty-five. Joyce ios ted at home from a night out in her big oldsmobile convertible she didn't notice the little red mazda that followed in the rear view. That night was joyce's first. Horrific encounter would douglas anderson level. And it wouldn't be her. Last joyce's story is tragic tale of a woman who survived being kidnapped and sexually assaulted only to go missing shortly. After she pressed charges against level joyce's attacker doug level hired two hit-men to prevent her from testifying when they didn't succeed doug level killjoys himself. Her body has never been found for years. Investigators lack the evidence to charge level. For joyce's disappearance listened to cold season two and other popular true crime. Podcast like spy. Affair atlanta monster missing in alaska and paper goes on amazon music. Hi i'm every woman. The host of the cut a new podcast from new york magazine. And the vox media podcast network. Everyone's as we work to explore important provocative ideas about the world around us so far. We've discussed what it's like to move back into your parents house. And why that's actually an incredible. And empowering thing to do we've also talked about what it means to be a radical in society expects you to be practical and pragmatic. We'd love for you to join us. Subscribe to cut in your favorite podcast to get new episodes kitchen. Hi i'm phil donahue and marlo thomas and we're going on a series of double dates to find out what makes a marriage last. We flew out to santa monica to visit. Ted danson and mary steenburgen. Their house is carved into the side of a hill. It's a craftsman style. Bungalow built in nineteen twenty two and it has what is called a living roof which is covered with greenery to fight off climate change. Ten mary decorated themselves is very relax and homey mostly. It was their warm connection to each other. That grabbed her attention from the start. This is fun. Yeah we've been so excited. We're really that you asked us. Well you came to mind immediately. Really people are always asking us. How did you. How are you married too long. And what i like in likes me. He's cute boys smells and that's a big deal so smell good. Ted likes to play the rascal but once we settled at their farm style kitchen table and began to talk. He was so honest and vulnerable rule of four of us here. I'm the only one who's only married once. Yes i'm the third. i'm being married. Well that maybe that's an interesting way to start because you're a wild optimist or you're total. Denial i mean. I got married and college carnegie Halfway through and i think it's fair to say the real communication would have been I'm afraid to go to new york by myself. Are you oh well. Let's go Sharon apartment and buddies that would have been kind of the emotional truth but somehow we ended up getting married and twenty two and Married for five years good friends but certainly not you know a a marriage And then got divorced and married again and had children but still a huge level of unconsciousness on my part and that lasted fifteen years. I mean my life was incredibly messy but underneath. There was a lot of work going. On where i was trying to stop being a liar and wake up and everything. Pretty much was not hugely faithful. Leave it at that. So i did all this work myself but by the time we met i was convinced i was incapable of hemming in a relationship that i wouldn't mess up. This was back in one thousand nine hundred ninety four when both of them were in a film called pontiac moon. And just like when. I first met you. Ted was drawn to marry immediately. And what was it about her. When you cast an apart- together you have an excuse to look at somebody in the eye whereas otherwise i'm kind of shy. We're about to work together so you you're supposed to know each other so you share and i was i was like i said a hot mess and so i shared my life with her on that first night and it was very clear. Nothing was possibly going to happen. Because nutty i was and mary was looking to be in a relationship so it really started off friends until halfway through the production. Took a canoe ride jump in here. I don't wanna do model. Okay all right so we were playing This kind of one thousand nine hundred sixty s kind of it was a very strange fell. But we're not going to have a relationship. Mary ni- pica's that's clear but we should do something fun and kind of old fashioned romantic because that's kind of what the film is like a by then. I knew that when. I showed up at lunch and somebody else was sitting next to mary. The part of me was like Little grumpy that. I hadn't got there in time to sit next door but then we took a canoe ride and it was just tied. Big tidal river called the mendocino river crack big river. And we got into a canoe that had an outrigger. It was just a beautiful connote. And there was a group of three or four other people going up and we outdistanced them quickly and we just kept going around the next bend. It was always in the front me in the back. effortlessly paddling. Which is you learn a lot. I think in a canoe and there was very little conversation except when it was right. Sea otters blue herons saw. It was just. It was just magically beautiful and lincoln peaceful and at ease and i think on the way down. We stopped to have a little bite on the corner of the side of the river. And you kept wanting to turn around us. That was kind of for our wedding. The chew part of our bows was a poem about that canoe. Ride it was really a charter for our marriage About look you know. Finding the truth in each other's eyes. And but mary what has in our entire life. Been the person that goes. Let's let's go around the next bend. Come on let's let's do this. I'm usually the one going. Oh i don't you know..

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