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Okay okay feel i think we have somebody who can help you it's infectious disease microbiologist dr shelley hegel so shelley should we be rubbing dirt on our cuts like in loaded bent natural response from me as a infectious disease microbiologist say absolutely not don't put dirt in it because there's plenty of microorganisms that basically you're saying hi micro organisms welcome to my body because here's the bloodstream come on in yeah but then ultimately if you're bleeding profusely needs to stop the blood then putting some sort of material in there to do so would probably be a a good strategy okay yeah i don't know how bad his wound was on the field let's call it a scrape well yeah bleed out he's not going to lure a blood right so medically i would say absolutely not is there a is there a place is the the either you know the location are part of the world that it would be the worst place to to rub some dirt on it you know i don't know if we know one now about the ecology of different soils throughout the entire world because you could in a traveller from one part of your community to in three or four miles down the road and you can have a very very different population of microorganisms when the oil you can imagine if you're in a toxic landfill or in a waste water environment that might not be the best place because they've got a concentrated batch of.

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