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President trump in front of nearly a quarter of a million delighted people the Daytona five hundred while the world was watching yes I could teach anybody even people in this room so no offense intended to be a farmer you it's a process so you dig a hole you put the seed and you put dirt on top add water comes the corn is nothing to it anybody could be a farmer but some technology now that's where you got to be smart unlike your typical dumb farmer you think that guy is going to be that guy you think Bloomberg is going to be Mr Daytona five hundred yeah not a chance they got nothing nothing and your first up on the Mike Gallagher show twenty three past the hour happy presidents day and how are you I'm good how are you my doing great thanks for your call today he needs to take a trip to Purdue University in Indiana my daughter and my son in law both pretty grants and to work with today for machinery it takes a degree in technology but because and I'm sorry to interrupt you but you have to go to India you think he wants to go to Indiana he wants to go to the yeah I want to go to the Upper East Side he wants to go to Berkeley he wants to go to Malibu those are his places he doesn't know Indiana and they do a lot of farming and in Berkeley yeah well he doesn't know any better he just does a man he just does and it's just not really got angry because I thought this is a guy who thinks he can buy his way into the presidency and try to al trump trump this little elitist who does who really doesn't care if you think he's going to fight for middle Americans you think you're gonna fight for for a fight for the hard working American come on Tom your next up how you doing Tom I'm doing great how are you great sure had the president's day thanks for calling yeah it it with respect to the farmers wholeheartedly agree but let's not forget about our skilled trades like if you pull out the clip that says put a chunk of metal in and turn the dial in the direction of the arrow that cannot be farther from the truth right that's all you do is follow the arrow right put the metal in fall of the aero anymore on can do can be a skilled trades when I'd like to see him do what skill Turkish kill tradesman do every day in this country Tom MMN do one for twenty five years with computer controlled machinery of course there in the dial he must be watching the history channel with the original Henry Ford production my okay good your good call Tom in you know honest to goodness the comments he just got blasted I mean blasted in a way that I haven't seen in a long long time lot of lot of people pushing back Hey try to be let me let me read some of the comments that he got John cash tweeted Bloomberg mocking American farmers is no way to unify the country but as well of call them deplorable deplorable as OR rooms way to reveal yourself Mike Bloomberg does not know a lot or even a little about farming Bloomberg James do acquired is knowledge of farming by watching he haw said Britt heat brit brit Hume here's another one Felix Salmond wrote farmers work with astonishing with sophisticated information technology every day but I suspect Mike Bloomberg doesn't know a lot of people with modern combines that might be usually tweeted the only person lacking gray matter here is Bloomberg I trust a farmer to learn IT long before I trust Bloomberg to run the country he is of course the quintessential nanny state big government tell you how to live your life elitist he's me he knows better than you if you could have a gun in your home to protect your family he knows better than you what size of a big gulp you're allowed to buy at the seven eleven he knows how much salt you're allowed to have in a restaurant he no he knows these things because you see he's edging McCabe he's smart he's wealthy he's he's Mike Bloomberg and believe me he's smarter than you are he's way more sophisticated and smarter than you are as good as you know he's he's he's got the knowledge that only a wives billionaire American old dark can half you know he doesn't need to connect with you he needs to tell you how to live your life Bloomberg doesn't stand a chance we haven't even got into the misogynistic comments he made about women this book that they found out about the stuff he said about women and gays in all kinds of stuff we know what he said about black kids in the inner city you for a warm up against the wall and first women take their guns yeah he's going to take down Donald Trump sure thing eight hundred six five five Mike we are there is actually a lot of breaking news over the weekend we're gonna bring you up to date coming up here on this president's day was.

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