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Good morning and welcome into the first Midwest bank studio on X. P. M. one thousand like the first day of the NCAA tournament we got the one sixteen matchup coming up that's right twelve thirty five Virginia and they're weak offense it's going to get the shock of their lifetime even though the money line betting has been overwhelming in favor the one seed John York of H. as we start the game and it will be me the worst of the seeds thanks a lot Danny real loyal guy over there you learned it buddy you learned it against the one seed John your give it and so I have to go on the road he's basically Kansas playing at Kemper arena in Kansas city and it's going to be filled with nineteen thousand K. U. fans and like a hundred you M. Baltimore county fans and I'm getting it done that's right how to get it done I studied I'm ready I gotta be honest with you the game today twelve thirty five game tournament of champions right here on ESPN one thousand he's adamant he's Chris black here as well I'm David Caplan I have to say this writing the game for today twelve thirty five was the toughest task of all the games I will write this entire tournament yeah no offense to you Cappy and I say this to you with peace and love but I had to dumb down the game because every question I wrote I would say to myself there's no way cap knows that there's No Way cap's going to get that there's no way cap knows that all will cap no this every quit the game took twice as long as it should of because I had to keep re writing I'm thinking there's no shot in hell you're gonna get a break so if you're gonna run the table today I'll be shocked run the table I had a dumbing down for you it's it's almost not fair it is if the Kansas Jayhawks we're taking on the Niles north Vikings is what I tell you what man do I have a shot yeah you have a shot I mean the game it had to be Kaplan so of course you have a shot the questions I've been asked today at twelve thirty five for U. verse your call are not the same type of questions I'll be asking next week when we get to the later rounds or even tomorrow when a dollar in black face off yeah I will say the one thing that I would point out is I I am already worried that the the questions of the game are being catered to the participants in each match up not only this one I promise you this Chris tomorrow's game your game with the dollar which will be played here on our show because you're the higher seed your the four seed of dollars the five seed those those questions are written and they are just straight down the middle not biased I picked the topic and I real questions I didn't think Chris knows this Adam noses I just real questions yes I tried to do that for the cap Urkel game but when I got done with the seven questions the boss Mike Thomas wants me to write seven questions for each game when I got done with the seven questions and I read through them I literally was like well there's no way caps gonna notice you know what yeah you also confirmed with me you asked me a few of them and I I confirmed your hunch that yeah cap cap would have no idea so what would I have known the answer to any of the seven I didn't see he only asked to ask mia a select few her to see if they were too difficult and I I confirmed what he was thinking okay and I like I say should I word it this way or this way and Chris would be like it doesn't matter how you wait caps yeah are you telling me that all the seven original I would have gotten zero no there are I can't tell you the topic no I'm not asked but obviously there are sports questions in there also let's say of the seven questions three of them are sports yeah I think you should be able to get two or three of the sports ones I mean let's be honest sports is our wheelhouse you should be fine there when I get off the sports page I get a pop culture music movies that's really your weakness yeah and that's where it's like even though these are popular famous things that literally ninety five percent of the people that are hearing my voice right now probably know the answer to are familiar with there are things where you're just completely like it never existed to you yeah I said to my wife this morning I was the guy came downstairs from working out and she's already got on your show today I said well first of all we're doing this thing called the game tournament of champions with that said it's that game we used to play that Danny would write the questions and whoever was one of our all the answers are pro Jam Radiohead or again don't don't go down that road like karma did yesterday because here's the thing right it's right not only is it the music if you like one time I did a radio had thing because it like if it's an it's a band from the nineties I don't understand why I'm being held accountable I love it boy H. Carmen got triggered that one day yeah several all he went nuts I was like wow somebody had a bad day that's why we stopped playing the game so anyway my wife said what is it what I said is pop culture she's like your dad and I said yeah that's why I married you she's like yeah like neither of us are going to pop culture neither of us I can I bring up a pop culture reference I'm better than she is and if I bring it up she says no cool Hey Mandy do you know who that is nope no clue and it could be somebody really popular so anyway twelve thirty five the bigger they are the harder they fall baby that's right I did pull it gently you're give it's going down I pull the audience at dis adamant on Twitter who will win today's match up boy let me see if I can get the percentage it's got to be eighty percent at least your call I wrote the game tourney of champions begins today at twelve thirty five with the one verse eight match up who advances to the next round your call with the one seed capital E. eight seed right now your call has seventy seven percent of the vote which I find crazy that you have twenty three percent of the vote yeah because people know there could be some surprises going man Colin yeah yeah nah never knowed DZ that would be so great so great I would literally skip from here to my car surgical mask it all anyway three one two three three two three seven seven six is the phone number so that is the big contest that we have going now over the next couple of weeks and we just try and survive and advance when you when your college basketball coaching you get into tournament play that was our model model survive and advance by hook or by crook find a way to survive and advance so I'm not worried about the next match up and I have to get the winner of black of dolerite correct how great would that be you in black squaring off for you in a dollar squaring off please listen the way I approach these games I I look at my one opponent I'm not looking at him and please if if I advance if I find a way to beat the safety and the crafty Adam a doll in trivia I am not looking ahead to your co in that match up because I'll take on that opponent when I have to in cap if you somehow somehow get out of this round her and you have to face me there is absolutely no chance no shot in your lingo that you will be me there is no possible way that you would want Cristo I love her dearly as a heads up on that I love you dearly I'm not I'm not concerned whatsoever no sweat I DO not worried about taking you on I survive and advance I'm worried about today today's matchup you know what it's really like Danny forget the Kansas rationale it's more like Maryland Baltimore county is playing the university of Maryland but if we shocked the world and beat Maryland all of a sudden round to the home game it's on this show that's right Kristoff is part of the show I'm part of the show so we'll be playing actually on the court might keep let players know the best way sounds all yeah I I would say the chances on both of us advancing are probably pretty low you think you're gonna lose to a dollar why I didn't say that I said both of us advancing are probably pretty low but I can promise you this course I wrote a game for tomorrow and I'm scrapping that and you're not playing nineties music that's fine what do you I think you underestimate B. as always you are there are there are a few things for a for the younger people in the crowd it's obviously there's always music that's before the early two thousands take place there's always a movie character or reference from something that like my dad would watch so I got a kind of kind of think about what you get into that mind that head space but here's the thing you're putting money down on a dollar versus black here's the key if you go sports savvy I think I might get him I think I can get a dollar if it's sports heavy there to be so great if it's me black NO ball knows a lot about music but I think we equally know a lot about movies and television so I think it's a good match I once I sell one upset your call I DO either that or I want to get beat like seven and nothing and just completely soil myself one of the other I don't get the cargo well don't do that **** out for free get lost by one point that would be awful like knowing the answer and missing it right we'll see R. three one two three three two three seven seven six white Sox star Tim Anderson ten AM amid reports Jeff Passan with a incredible story that I've read twice now and I'm gonna look at it again at the break where baseball would play all of its games starting in may in Arizona first of all on a virus is believed to not do well in hot weather and it's going to be obviously north of a hundred degrees in Arizona throughout the summer shares would be miked up for TV they would all be quarantine for four and a half months and no fans electronic strike zone all sorts of different things seven inning games they play triple or quadruple headers in the same stadiums because all everyone involved would all be quarantine so they just keep rolling games through a different spring training facilities because Florida you sometimes have three and four hour bus rides they don't want that in Arizona you've got the cubs in may so you've got the giants in Scottsdale you had the white Sox in Glendale the Royals are there the Reds are there the brewers there's like ten stadiums so they could make this work and plus use Arizona State University stadium as well you've got the Diamondbacks you've got the Rockies I get sucked it's something that if it happens it might might be one of the great breaks in an awful time baseball's ever gotten I'll tell you why and Jeff Passan out how they can do this with all the different details we'll talk about all of that next door listening to.

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