White House, Reporter, Yousef discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


White house trade advisor peter navarro said the nafta deal could have been agreed by now if canada had spent less time lobbying congress this as president trump left g seven with a stream of tweets attacking through threatening tariffs on automobiles there's a special place in hell for any foreign leader that engages in bad faith diplomacy with president donald j trump and then tries to stab him in the back on the way out the door and that's what bad faith justin trudeau did with that stunt press conference that was the white house trade advisor peter navarro now italy has confirmed it has no intention of leaving the euro zone the new government told riera de la serra that there has been no discussion about dumping the common currency and that ministers will do everything possible to maintain normal relations that statement coming from the new finance minister the coalition says it wants to boost growth by structural reforms and investments rather than increase spending that critics said would break eu rules as a result we saw a lot of buying of bts this morning the yield came down pretty fast at the south of trading in bonds this morning and we see the footsie mid two point two percents italian banks getting a boost from these headlines yeah but you know what's really stood out in terms of the most read articles on the bloomberg store on cryptocurrency and the cryptocurrency exchange specifically it's been hacked and south korea jolted holders of digital assets fueled a forty six billion dollar route and extended this huge bitcoin slumped to more than fifty percent the hack brought an abrupt end to two weeks of calm for the biggest virtual currency and reignited concerns about the security of lightly regulated quipped exchanges the more on the story then yousef let's bring in bloomberg's cross asset reporter eric lamb they've been covering the story for bloomberg this morning good morning she eric so what is the latest on coin rail high so quinn royal has been kind of parsing out details since basically since they announced that they had what they called a cyber intrusion over the weekend on sunday they when they first started putting up this news at the moment what we know is that seventy percents of the.

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