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And she's like shore, whatever it is literally me at the makeup company. I mean everything down to the color of the exact shade everything. So it's all really hand picked up. We'll big as you said nerd about stuff. So I mean when you, I'm sure you were putting together your regional look, you went through a whole host of products to arrive at your look. My hint. The market tested and rigorously over the course of many, many years. Sure. Yeah. And not at no animals. You got some drag fans and you put it in. There is there. You know? Now we don't do that. We've test on models. That's the way to do it. They need some cruelty. All the cruelty is the way he can. There's too many humans, we don't. We don't have skin on the humans. We have a wall of skin Juarez. Mockup to with a lipstick and watch it and see what happens over the course of a few days. Amy, I think that's curdling is normal. And then you move onto the next relation. This when she was alive. It's fine chuckle move onto the yet them, but they had some records with their launches and our lunch at above and beyond smashed all that records. Great. Yeah, because the the sell out, they're gonna cut your big check in the mail, and it's a good look who doesn't want a neutral kind of classic sculpted. I with a pop of color in the chicken lip. I mean, that's that's every intone the high. I mean, it has. It's a pink with gold sparkle too. I think especially on deep skin, it's going to be so pretty like a rose gold lip. Come on. Yeah, who doesn't want that Bula Friday to actually because it is a collector's item to plus fifty. Two is still under a hundred ladies and gentlemen, awake from all over the world in the middle of the night, waking up to buy it at the moment because so many sold so fat. I mean, so that's got to feel like award to more than sort of winning. So I was. Tanguay dates of like this is nuts and was like this. The response was so positive. Yeah. Yeah. But you know what? That is a company of a owned by a woman who is a woman of color businesswoman and women of color who invented this business or you're supporting a small business LA. She is quite small. Yes, five two. The the business in it's a bunch of like queer or women of color. Awesome. Working on makeup.

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