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Really started um reading a book called the people like handy while we became friends or fit to boring fly chose for people that they have a black clinical trials are now that some really struggling and i know that interferon is gonna make me even lord oppressed enough already end or you're not just the physical part oh yeah if said she your brain at kidding out at all because any disease good enough securing air chemicals you're you're a peptide asking but are also knew the my faith and grace it's gonna be the people a new go ahead you see your myself out because that's what i do that i teach others true what up her i'm not going to tell you something i haven't already track so i actually went to the people scheringplough who are doing it here on at the time and first it and and i hit how dare you are you crazy you're not making any money because nobody can finish interferon because it gives that affect their off the chart a fifth decided to say it we want to help people he'll quicken affair i'm listen to cure at that time right now we have hardly old town area of her voni which is a rapid cure naomi are you able to stay with the across the commercial break course okay we really appreciate some on the army jr the book is river of times shoes talking to us about her experience with depression and chronic hepatitis very serious life threatening condition back in those days particularly now we judge the book of river time my dissent in the depression and how i emerged with hope and she's gonna tell us for story of hope after this talk radio seven down to keep saying oh yeah i'm a tbone man with at t bone play hanson craig it's the.

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