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Huckabee two billion dollars at least one ticket is matched all the numbers for the record. One point six billion dollar jackpot bought somewhere in South Carolina, WCBS TV's, Alabama. And you actually win the jackpot gaming officials advice I sign the back of your ticket. It doesn't matter who paid for it. Whoever signed the ticket gets the pri-. What was hurricane willa is now a tropical storm, but it's raining hard and Mexico at attended for Texas, Hurricane Center specialist. Stacey Stewart what people cross northern Mexico and also in the central and southern Texas areas, it'd be aware that more heavy rain is going to be coming your way. So expect additional flooding. It hasn't been shut down. But a New Jersey rehab center isn't admitting any new patients after. Viral outbreak. That's killed six children and made a dozen other sick CBS, Hillary lane is in hassle New Jersey center for nursing and rehabilitation. No new patients were allowed to check in New Jersey. Health officials say over the last month at least eighteen pediatric patients have contracted the adenoviruses and six of them have died. Those six wherein part of the facility that provides long term care for medically. Fragile children from newborns up to age twenty two the US has revoked the visas have several Saudi officials who were implicated in journalist Jamal kashogi death. There's no word on any further. Sanctions. President Trump says the killings should never have happened. The process was no good. The execution was no good. And the cover up if you wanna call it that or certainly no good. Turkish officials say kashogi was killed October. Second by fifteen man Saudi hit squad that included a member of prince Bahamas entourage caravan of Central American migrants is. Expected to start moving forward again today after a day of rest and southern Mexico. If they make it to the US border secretary of state, Mike Pompeo says that's where they'll stop the caravan will not cross our southern border illegally under any circumstance the World Series tends to produce unlikely heroes last night's game. One was no exception CBS's. Steve Futterman was Fenway park in Boston that big blow in this.

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