Social Media Site, New York Times, Kennedy discussed on We the People - What just happened at the Supreme Court?


The the trademarked a a phrase it so anyway moving on from that colorful cason jeff a we did a podcast when uh when that was argued months ago moving onto the packing ham case which showed that sex offenders even sexoffenders have first amendment rights said this is a case where the um a north carolina uh had a very broad statute of prohibiting a sex offenders that is people who have served their time um of and and are released with their certain restrictions that apply to sex offenders i hear this goes beyond simply of being prohibited from uh trying to communicate with minors say to restricting or banning of access to all social media site's in the way that social media sites is define it could sweep been things like web md or amazon or even the new york times and washington post websites because after all you creative a profile and can make comments interact with other people on those sites that's a bridge too far uh the court said a again unanimously although some concurrence is that uh by just alito about leo limiting that expression 'easy basically said that justice kennedy was too sweeping or wax to poetic iin in talking about the majesty of the of facebook i paraphrase a little bit not too much um and so this shows that north carolina needs to do this like all other states apparent this is an outlying even shortly craft a law that says.

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