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Is also in the clearing stages. Your next update right before sports on the traffic leader KCBS is going to be great today. We'll be showery at times as a week weather system makes his way across the bay area. The shower activity will diminish diminish rather with some week high pressure building in tomorrow so tomorrow looks like it'll be the mainly dry day. Then Thursday were back into some iffy conditions Friday the arrival of one of these atmospheric, rivers storms. It's a week a are. But still expected to bring maybe an inch of rain to the bay area. Friday into Saturday, traffic and weather together on the eight on all these one zero six nine AM, seven forty KCBS. Springtime tips and fun facts. From Paul Kristen index her at total wine and more. Everybody loves Honey, glazed carrots, a great side this for your springtime celebration and analysis compliment to a sweet Brightman Scotto wine is made in virtually every country in the world. And I'm ready to give you a tour to find the right one serving lamb this season. Try it with a bold cabernet from the trendy Paso Robles reach whether you're hosting or just bring the wine, we'd love to share always low prices and ridiculous election this spring at total wine and more. Cheers. Using an overpriced trash bag. Bag that breaks. Or a smelly bags? Time to switch to hefty ultra strong trash bags always at an ultra low price. There are best bags yet. And they cost less than glad force flex were sold head to head. So you'll be happy Abby hefty ultra strong, arm and hammer odor control available at Sam's Club. Hey, hey, that's flow. And you have never understood top hat aren't all hats on top. The toughest part of every outfit unless I've been doing it wrong. That's why I stick. With simple words, like flow tech. It means the.

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