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Notes and thanks for being here's got at thanks mike had a great time i remember coming across this information along time ago in it it stuck with me so i figured it's it's certainly worth sharing here and it it's about what you do in the bathroom you might want to change a few things about your shower ritual that will save you trouble in the future and one of them in the thing that i remember the most about this is that you shouldn't fold wet towels or hang them on a hook folded towels look nicer but a full talal is going to grow bacteria and smell because when it's all folded up it can't dry out you'll then rub those bacteria all over yourself after tomorrow shower so your towel should be spread out over the full length of the towel bar so it can dry as quickly as possible and you should never keep your shower curtain open if you leave the curtain open after the shower the water in the folds of the curtain won't dry and we'll start to get moldy always use the bathroom fan when you shower but here's the thing you should leave it on for twenty minutes afterwards to remove this team and moisture from the room if you let your tiles and ceiling remain moist you're creating an ideal climb date for mold to start growing to start growing and that is something you should know if you enjoy this podcast i invite you to share it with just one other person or with your social media friends share links are right there on the player on the website at somethingyoushouldknow dot net and their share links on itunes or apple podcasts says they like to be called now if you share it people will admire your good taste and be your friend forever possibly shower you with gifts i'm mike carruthers thanks for listening today to something you should know.

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