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Yes. The question. Sure. What is your favorite color? My favorite color is navy blue really, oh, I didn't know that. What was hunter green? Oh. And then I my favorite color is purple. Kelly. Hi, Kelly Ripa. We should actually I don't know. If I know let me call her real quick and ask her what if Eric why are you curious about the favorite colors. I don't know. Favorite color? I yeah. I think hunter green and navy. Blue are great. But I'm going to bet. Kelly ripa's is read I was gonna guess read to one of my all my gosh. Well, look, you're America's next sweetheart. Let's see. I don't know if she'll answer because it's a block number. I don't know how to unblock it, gene. You can't unblock cell phone to call, Al. Hey Ripa Seacrest. What's going on? Hey, real quick. Just there's a lovely eight-year-old named MacKenzie on the phone who just called the radio show to ask me what your favorite color is favorite color. Yeah. Oh my gosh. I love emerald. Green weird. I mean, I guess read. But sure that's great. No, no, no emerald. Green. I think you look amazing in all patterns and colors. So emigrant. Closest thing I'll ever get to an emerald. Mackenzie says hi, she's a huge fan. I love. Okay. She sends her love MacKenzie. Okay. Right. By my mom. Yourself. Well, thank you for calling. Now, you have all your answers. Have a great day. Bye. What does Kelly so nicer right talking about you, actually and mckinsey's Ripa answering a block call. Taking a risk. I don't know how to unblock my cellphone. It's been blocked for ten years. It's blocked. You're the only one. I get a lot of blocked calls, but I don't answer them. Well, that's my point. Like, it's the kind of a it's a risk. But it was not a risk because it was just MacKenzie. Coming up next. We get tickets at Universal Studios. Hollywood. Hey, it's Elvis, you know, more American families are texting each other six thousand times a day to talk about things like what's for dinner. I made that up. But if.

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