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Live from the headquarters of ramsey solutions it's the dave ramsey show were that is dawn cash is king and the paid off home mortgage has taken the place of the bmw as the status symbol of choice i'm dave ramsey your host we invite your calls toll free and nationwide a triple eight eight two five five two two five well total eclipse jokes are running abound to say the least it is eclipse monday and one of the best daveramsey eclipse jokes i saw was a guy tweeted about daveramsey zero pissed off now that the mastercard logo is in the air not bad not bad of them out as pretty pretty observant um always thought of that is like two i always thought of those like the the uh olympic rings or something but it really is just too circles inner it looks like an eclipse doesn't know mastercard local of course noise uses at dale use visa an but anyway it's such as life such as life so yeah zach bennett and kelly daniel and i are the only ones working right now hey everybody else's in the parking lot so it's getting dark endow we're all going to survive without a doubt yeah martin was running around gaza gone shipping and said you wanna see a picture of the total eclipse yeah and it was a picture of his eclipse car the guy told us not bad it's a little bit of uh but of m shrink but a little little rim shot there but i you got to have some fun with this kind of some fun with it when amazing event and i ruddy is different people are excited about it at different levels of the knicks sabin uh press conference where he is unimpressed in this letter by get back to work i love nick sabin i'm a tennessee fan but you gotta love his miss press conferences are hilarious or bill bellichik as ripe.

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