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Good timing twenty. Twenty levenson t right now for a lot of absolutely absolutely so Well yet this. Kobe situation is a great reminder that we're living in uncertain times in the in the lifetime of human no we have typically very short human memory has a relatively short time span. So we don't really understand things. How like climate change or the changes in the markets or the changes in technology are actually changing the business environment because well on the daily basis we don't see my change or when you accumulate change over years months years or decades that changes significant like compared twenty twenty competitive between ten. It's an absolutely different era. But what covert has created is that short-term aspect of it is because now people can feel the change on daily basis. they can feel the uncertainty on daily basis. So i think the book now makes it a lot more sense even though it was the original concept even before a the original title was creating organizations that thriving uncertainty but after a few to rations we landed on that the title but yet actually ended up. Great timing because the kobe situation helps people really appreciate uncertainty. That's going on in the world. Of course you know kobe's gonna end sometime. Probably in a few years. Maybe more escape. Few decades uncertainties gonna be constant and things are going to be uncertain. And they're going to get probably more uncertain as the rate of change increases and to find those experiences when you were a child in in the iran. Iraq war there define. That really helps you now. Wimmer in this kind of world of it's more of an economical war at the moment rather than actual physical war is it. Is it a lot of things that translate across from from your child rearing sites. You'll i never thought about. It does bay. But i think putin shuten potentially because when you look at things but something interesting actually that makes me thinking something very interesting now because when you think when you see things like shortages of toilet paper things like that nolan sutuation. You don't see things like that in iran because people are used to things going wrong so they don't panic when things go wrong it makes people more empathic towards each each other because maybe the felted before they will maybe. I don't buy toilet paper today with someone may need even more than me or potential. Because here in australia things have been stable for so long.

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