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SNL, CBS, Garrett discussed on Dave Ramsey Show


Carthage sketch satirical portrayal of him on snl gary couple parts of it were funny but there's a little that there's a lot of that was over the line it wasn't just it wasn't funny it was a stupid or silly or malicious more from cbs's major garrett have sean spicer resign yet more turmoil within the west wing it does create an atmosphere of an unsettled white house to be sure and 1 steal after six months in office tried to find its own internal sense of unity and sense of purpose russian ambassador sergei kislyak reportedly says he discussed campaign related matters with jeff sessions during the 2016 presidential campaign the washington post is reporting the kislyak's account of two convention conversations rather we sessions were intercepted by us intelligence cbs news political consultant leonard steinhorn it's of gives the impression that he's trying to hide something the question is whether that just stops here and there's nothing more or whether there will be more layers of the onion to peel away on these conversations jeff sessions was having with the russian ambassador minneapolis police chief john a harto has resigned at the request of mayor betsy hodges who says she lost confidence of the chief after the fatal police shooting of an unarmed woman wcco tv reporter susan elizabeth littlefield protesters took over the podium in mere high dennis wise score need out not thirty minutes later he came back out and address the media the presi with their she praised xiv hartono on her thirty years of service with the city and from breaking barriers she said.

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