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Good Morning. This is Laura. Today's tip is about how to make more time to read. When? I asked people what they want to spend more time. Doing exercise always comes up. I don't worry. We're GONNA talk a lot about that. In future episodes, but reading is a close second. Indeed if you'd asked me a few years ago, would I wanted to spend more time doing. I would have said reading books. I would've told you I was busy. And I had very limited time to read. Then I tracked my time for a year. A year incidentally when I had four children under the age of eight, including an infant, which I thought was a pretty good excuse. My time logs were clear. My problem was not a lack of time to read. It spent three hundred twenty seven hours reading that first year, which is almost an hour a day. But I couldn't remember many good books I had read. The truth is I had spent the vast majority of those three hundred twenty seven hours, reading online news stories and gossip magazines. Why well that's what was easy and available when I had opened time. So that is what I read. It makes sense, but it's also kind of sad. As three hundred twenty seven hours is enough time to read more than fifteen thousand pages of real stuff. I could have read Warren piece ten times. Let's just say that did not happen. So I resolved to do better, and over the next two years, I didn't spend much more time reading, but the quality of my reading material massively improved. I actually did read Warren piece I read Moby Dick. I read middle, March infinite Jest Kristen Lavender One q eighty four ulysses, a number of other amazing books on my reading. Bucket list. I did not magically find more time. Laura who had no time to read and Laura? Who Read Warren Peace? Were the exact same person living in the exact same universe? It was just about being more strategic with a time I had. So. If you'd like to be a better reader, you might try to do what I did. I make sure you have really good books to read readily available. Now, you might think this sounds backwards. I can just hear people yelling at this podcast, Laura. They're all these wonderful books. That I knew time to read. This is not my problem. Let me, ask you this. If you were to turn off this podcast. Could you be engaged with the book? You really wanted to read and the next thirty seconds. Because I know you could be on instagram and the next thirty seconds. If you don't have that same ability to dive into a book. Then? This is gonNA limit your ability to seize time to read. So make a list of the books. You'd really like to read not what you think you should read. You're not in high school English class anymore. You don't have to read what you don't WanNa read. Even if that cuts out some good books I'll put this out here I. don't like false accusations, stories and I don't like the sort of awkwardness. That's endemic to romantic comedies. Also I feel like there's enough violence and cruelty in the real world that I just can't stomach too much of it my fiction. Even though this put some really good books off my list. Id Me. You, do you? Figure out what you'd like to read building twenty minutes a week or so to find book recommendations I like to check out the modern Mrs Darcy blog and her podcast. What should I read next I? Look at the Wall Street Journal's Review Section and magazine for Ideas I welcome your suggestions to. Then get your hands on the first handful. Physical books are great. But. Here's the real breakthrough for me. I put the kindle APP on my phone. This is Amazon's EC reader APP and guess what I always have my phone with me. Since you're listening to a podcast. I'm guessing this is the case for you to. Putting the kindle APP on my phone meant that I could immediately by any book I saw recommended and I could turn my headline and social media scrolling time into reading time. People turn out to have a lot of this time. You probably pick up your phone at least fifty times a day. If you want to check the exact number, just look at the screen time function if you have an iphone. So you pick up your phone. You junky mail and then what? You probably look at social media or headlines But. If you spend six of those five minutes spurts reading. That's half an hour a day of reading right there. And then the funniest thing happens when you're really into a book, you start magically finding more time to read. Instead of spending ten minutes puttering around with the male pile looking at catalogs you read. Instead of? Channel, surfing you read. Your the exact same person. But time starts to open up. Of course there are ways to build more reading time. It's your life structurally to. If you've got a long commute definitely put audio books into the mix. Maybe you listen to this podcast for bit and then listen to a chapter in a book. You know if you've got a forty five minute commute. You're going to spend seven and a half hours in the car this week. You're going to spend forty five hours in the car of the next six weeks anyway, so you might as well listen to Doris Kearns Goodwin's team of rivals which clocks in at just under forty two hours. Reading also a great way to wind down at night I, try to get ready for bed at least twenty to thirty minutes before lights out time a few days per week. Then I can use that time to read. Finally one of the most motivating things I did was to start keeping track of what books I'd read. There are fancy books journals out there, but you don't really need anything like that. Just a notebook or a file on your computer or your phone is going to do just fine. You can also start sharing your list of books. Read with friends. Not only will people see what you like and start recommending titles? It's a great way to hold yourself accountable. Because while I. Really Did Enjoy Reading Warren peace. I also get a kick out of telling people I read Warren piece. I'm guessing. This is Laura. Thanks for listening and here's to making the most of our time. Hey, everybody I'd love to hear from you. You can send me your tips your questions or anything else. Just connect with me on twitter. FACEBOOK and Instagram at before breakfast pot. That's be the number.

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