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But they do have the coach's kid back brent stockstill he'll run the show they went with a resume a for a good portion of the season why stocks doe was on the mend of course playing for his dad pabo rick stock still pretty solid coach in middle tennessee state is a team that you feel comfortable when you have brent stocks though running the show and they have a decent running game but a couple other guys anderson and thomas her questionable the ara minus twelve in turnovers but again a lot of that withers were running the helm for arkansas state justice anson very solid year throwing that football uh thirty four touchdowns fifteen picks and in the game uh lucy there was a good one of his games he threw for three sixty six and six touchdowns i'm trying to remember who that was against that was his best game of the year uh white and wand out of the backfield very solid and and they've got kyle wilson outstanding linebacker with 85 tackles leading the way and a team that uh plus seven in the sacked department end up pretty good on the turnovers as well arkansas state in the game minus four sixty three and again there's three and a half out there as well he had a hand if you believe in equality of conference as far as a gauge you might be able to do something for this game because this is the third of three conference usa sunbelt matchups on the opening saturday of that north texas in troy that georgia state western kentucky though those of the earlier games and if you see that the two sunbelt teams have done very well now maybe you consider ocoee each day eight on the other hand if the yet to conference usa teams do well then maybe look a middle tennessee but that aside i do prefer arkansas state in this game a little bit more experience middle tennessee is in a third straight ball their fifth in the fourth and five seasons uh in the last three balls throw and three both straight up in ats four middle tennessee arkansas state is an a ball for.

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