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Obama administration's nuclear weapons policy but we'll be more aggressive when it comes to russia the president says russia must be convinced there will be dire costs if it threatens even a limited nuclear attack in europe the review of us nuclear policy does not call for any increase in strategic nuclear weapons that's in contrast to the president's statement he made in a tweet shortly before he took office that the us must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until the world is more sensible about nuclear arms a florida couple is facing charges after faking their sons brain cancer diagnosis for money in fort walton beach this scheme was simple the parents told their thirteen year old son he had brain cancer so they could use his fictitious illness to raise money for nonexistent medical expenses detectives say the parents held a tshirt fundraiser for the boy at his school last may they allegedly set up a gofundme page and shared the bogus cancer story on facebook school resource officers began to suspect the boy was being exploited so they notify the okaloosa county sheriff's office and investigation began 34yearolds ginny along and 47yearold robert long were arrested thursday and charged with one count of child abuse and nine counts of fraud todd ant abc news several people were injured in an attack at a new york highschool after a girl through bleach on a classmate that splashed on others near by a fight broke out inside the queen's high school about a half hour shy of new and friday police say the 15yearold attacker poured bleach on a 14yearold girl that a just poured pickle juice on earth for other people were hit by the splashing bleach one of them a boy who apparently got some of the caustic liquid in his eyes and other bystander hit apparently a school staff member the 15yearold suspect was arrested and charged but later released to her parents and all the.

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