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I got a 26 year old drives up and down the roads all the time. It gets me worried, said Barber, 16 year old who just got his license. Just got a truck. And I'll be sure to let him know. Don't stop for anybody. Well, then you run into it so because if you don't stop, and it is actually the police Um you know, the pit maneuver you sometimes or pop your tires or at the very least, just chase you around for a while. That's the problem with being out there on a rule road man out in the middle of nowhere. Alright 8889347874. A bunch of little what to do is there in the article? What is this? Oh, don't worry. We'll get into the sports stuff, too. I have some sports stories. Boston. Paul is all sports stup. You have some big sports week? Boston. You should probably probably get after it. Who are the Patriots even playing? They played the Dolphins, right? Does that hurt the open their season? Hold on. Let me look at this. Yeah, Yeah. Yeah, they're playing the Dolphins. I did see the Cam Newton story. You see the Cam Newton story? This is is just embarrassing. So the Patriots drafted Mac Jones from Alabama. And you know, so they bring him in. And he asked to compete against or re mentored by the the previous starting quarterback. That, of course, Cam Newton. Well, as you probably heard over the weekend, The Patriots got rid of Cam Newton. They cut them. And now there's a story that is out there that, says the Cam Newton Basically wasn't putting in the effort to even learn the playbook and, in fact, the rookie quarterback Was having to help teach him the playbook. That is embarrassing. Man. Quarterback Mac Jones had to help teach the veteran pastor the playbook. According to former Patriots player Rob Ninkovich on a YouTube series he was on Obviously saw his contacts within the organization. So what? What do you do if your cam Newton man, I guess you're just done. At least somebody will sign them. Somebody get injured and Cam Newton will get signed somewhere. So this was always the big problem and This was the issue, especially, um When adversity struck the way that can do would respond to it, man. He just Shut down and get angry. Until he didn't give a crap. And that's where we find ourselves. All right, Let's do.

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