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You for rose the necessarily something that leads to surgery rose he get his mind right get his body right there will be a role for him when he gets to that point this will we'll see what it is if the cavs have the rest of the rosser healthy so indianapolis wholesome history for legrand james comey elabore was that me for tonight michael beck there was a closeout game potentially for the miami heat to make it to the nba finals game six the 2013 each garbage finals they lost of this building the next year game 5 eastern conference finals if the heat when they go to the nba finals they lost this building had to go back to miami away again to win abroad exercise some of those demons last year in game three of the first round against the pacers in bankers life tazar down 25 points at one point lebron james put on a masterful performance for his seventy th career postseason triple double and up with forty one points thirteen rebounds twelve assists has won that game they went on to sweep the pacers in the first round uh get back ultimately to the nba finals losing to the warriors so certainly some history here the pacers would like to be the team that puts of disappointment lebron james's time line by the way they did back in 2013 in 2014 did we appreciate until rt thanks for provide the background and could be before he left for cisse he did his parts of in kansas city with the qb of the future and patrick mahomes that's job one for john dorsey his new job inning the seemingly endless cycle of twenty eight started kubis for the brown since ninety nine and in the process likely stopping them revolving door jeans and coaches doors and says he liked disarm gaza coming out of notre dame in case you missed it here's more with bronze braintrust said today.

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