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I i have to establish trust with the artist. I you're taking. You're taking their baby from them. Basically and trying to raise them into a different thing and so you really have to start with trust in so it becomes a very personal conversation that i have with most of the artists I like to find out how they started. Why they started with cer- process. What are they going through when they're making art like that. Whole story is so paramount to our product and i status frequently to so many people that he feel like. We're much more of an artist representation company. That just happens to make wallpaper because so many of us in at area are outside of work. Were all super sensitive to the needs of artists to making sure they make a living to making sure we keep the integrity of their artwork. There's just so much of that. That is important that i share with that artists at the very beginning. And so it's really developing a relationship with the artist i to the point of i have pretty personal relationships with a lot of them. I that's silly when i say this. I set rocks to one of our artists. Because i found them on a hike and i know she's out hiker to and when i saw a gosh these little leslie friends paintings. This is crazy. I send these tour So we i do. I have very personal relationships with a lot of artists You have to build that trust and backing away from the artists themselves for second in focusing on the product itself. It's so funny because wallpaper is back wallpaper is having a moment And i don't think it's going to be it's not gonna. It's not just a moment but it's taken a while for for the idea of wallpaper to come back. Why do you think that is. I think we have all of these crazy horror story. It will those of us who are old enough to remember them..

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