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A team was they. Just go the opposite way. We signed. Earl watt offensive linemen. Who was this last year. We signed him and we put alex kappa on. I are no surprise there and then we have four protective practice squad players this week. It is linebacker. Day on the cannon. Greg joseph guard had lars sandwich. I guess he's back on the practice squad in her miller corner of and the last little bit of news which i thought was interesting. He said bruce arians said that tom. Brady's trainer herrero has been a consultant for the bucks this season and has worked with several players in their rehab and recovery process and airing said that his wife curtis had see ahead. Use the tb twelve method for her knee as well or she had been tv twelve. And i think that mike evans of the team you twelve math and helped his knee as well. So it's a total turnaround from win. Thomas at the patriots and of course they kicked alex guerrero out of the facility because he was helping other players in the facility and they didn't want him to and so. It's a huge turnaround. As far as that goes. I just thought it was interesting. We had talked about it in the off season. Yes yeah it was fun it. We talked about it in the bucket. Here's media this. It's almost like they still don't know who this guy is. But he's a. He's a huge huge. Huge part of tom. Brady's life and most people speculate that's the reason why he left. The patriots is because they wouldn't let has been his business partner to Wouldn't let him be involved with the The locker room. Anyone actually kicked him out of the facility and so when he came here to tampa. I'm sure that was part of the things. Like i want to bring my guy in and all this stuff you know. Bruce arians was like we don't care who all right. I've got the injury report in the nighttime ready to wrap it up. How about you you got anymore on the bucks side jeremiah. Ledbetter with his calf injury has not participated all week he has been ruled out andrew atoms. It was not injury related He was out thursday and friday and is questionable. Ronald jones do not participate wednesday. He returned in limited capacity thursday and friday his questionable as i sat short whitehead sustained a knee injury in practice. It looks like he was fine. Wednesday popped up. All the report on friday enhance questionable. Alton davis has a groin injury. He was limited wednesday and thursday but was a full participant on friday. Mike evans with any injury. He was limited all week. He's got no injury designation. Chris godwin has a hip anna quad injury and he was limited. Wednesday and thursday did not participate. Friday probably arresting because he has no designation an alley marquette popped up on friday on the injury report was a pictorial injury but lows a whole participant on vernon shawn mccoy he the hill but was a full participant on week. Jp with his knee injury. He did not participate all week but no injury doesn't nation dot com sue his Veterans day off on friday. No injury designation there on the saints side. We the stall are hardly anybody they get six people that their quarterback patrick robinson has a hamstring. Injury did not participate all week and is out taint. Some hill has a knee. Injury participate wednesday thursday. He was limited friday. Of course. we're hearing today's probably not gonna play seed running back latavius. Murray had a quad injury Participate wednesday and thursday was limited friday in his questionable tackle. Terron armstead has an elbow injury. He was limited wednesday and thursday but a full participant on friday titan. Jared coke has a back injury. He was limited wednesday and thursday and a full participant on friday and then defensive end choi try. I think training hendrickson has a neck injury. He was limited wednesday and thursday but a full participant on friday. So the only one that looks like well the for sure. They're going to miss. Patrick robinson but probably also he's until all right. So what do you think. give it. give our predictions. Let's get out of here and start watches football day. The saints only put up twenty one. It's the bears. So i'm going a little more optimistic. I'm just gonna say. I think the bucks are gonna win. Let's take the box palmer. I'm a homer completely. i'm gonna go with saints. Twenty three bucks twenty eight. okay. I'm gonna go with the bucks thirty two the saints thirty one. I think that's gonna be it. We got it is. We got it here. We go. we win this. We are in a c. championship balance. We'll be playing the packers at lambeau field. That's a scary thought in itself but a we beat the mess out of packers early in the year where we weren't that good we. We lost via apps. first game without vida Still wasn't anyhow. Yeah so we'll be playing the packers but we can't look that far ahead we gotta beat this game. Beat this team. One of the big things i worry about is the coaching. I do think there. Coaching staff does have an edge on coaching staff. Unfortunately they come up with trigger plays they do more in game adjustments. I guess you would say that could be an age that'll have but and come on. Let's do this. let's do this. We got it. Everybody gets the positive energy out. There box are gonna win win. All right that's gonna wrap it up for us guys. Get excited here. We go till next time..

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