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Didn't know if you know from Fox News. Rachel Southern Line is joining us in just a few seconds here to talk about that big meeting yesterday, President Biden and the group of GOP senators regarding covert relief. Also some other things. And by the way, Attorney General Dave Yost. I'm excited. Be my first time talking with him. He'll be on in 807 this morning, talking about first energy and his announcement with the U. S senate right now we want to welcome it. Rachel Sutherland from Fox News this morning. Rachel, are you out of New York this morning? Where you out? If I forget Oh, the Washington area and it is snowing. It's been like snowing and in fleeting and it's snowing. So it's not the kind of so you want to use unnecessarily pelts alone. Snowball. It could be dangerous. I've been hearing a lot of studying share this morning. Oh, ground Dog day, right. Hey, how long have you been in D? C? Because I was there. Remember, Snowmageddon, were you there for that? Yeah. Oh, yeah, We've had more than one stove again. I have. I grew up in this area. Okay? We're now General Hospital that this was in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a couple of years, so they actually this has been my my world And for the last couple years, we haven't gotten hardly any Still, we were complaining about it at Michael place over. Right. Exactly. It could be worse. Well, Rachel Sutherland from Fox News is whether she's a regular on the Brandon boxer showing news ready or 16. W T. V and so yesterday paint this picture for us with this meeting we had heard about with President Biden lasted about what? Two hours with these GOP senators. Did, and Susan Collins, Republican from Maine came out and said, Look, it seemed to be a good meeting. It was positive, all warm and fuzzy, but no agreement on the cove. It released Bill and they're a far apart when it comes to the money. $1.9 trillion is what Democrats want. We're broke his conference that $600 billion plants. Disagree on stimulus stimulus checks. How much who should get them what the income limit should be disagree on unemployment benefits. How long those enhanced benefits should go. Republicans want that the start ending in June, Democrats will this spread it out through more like September. So that doesn't sound so far apart. Were you looking at money aid for state? Local governments? Republican plan I don't believe includes that. And there's other areas of disagreement. Want what every degree on the $150 billion to fight the actual pandemic Has we're talking about vaccines. This recent site Getting the people who are qualified, actually put shots in the arms and said one big problem. You can have all the stocks of the world. If you don't have the health care workers to actually meant for them. Well, then you don't have vaccinations and so Look, they're up against kind of a clock. And then the argument start next week for the impeachment trial of former President Trump and Republicans will sit six days a week on Lee breaking on Sunday to hear these arguments s O. It's not like they can do everything all at one time Rates of Southern Letter Fox News with us this morning on news, ready of 16 w T. V, and Rachel you you brought me to a point that popped in my head. Is there a timeline to get this done? Because you're right. The impeachment trial is next week. The damn seem like they're going to be full speed ahead. If anything else with reconciliation. So what do we have A timeline when this could wrap up? We don't have a timeline right At this moment. They change day by day again. The pressure is on them, not only because the last package that was passed, it does put Some deadlines on when unemployment you and and things like moratorium on evictions, although I believe that president by the sign something on that just recently last week in his first full week in office So this will be threatening to expire. And that's when you really gonna see the pressure amping up. But, yeah, the Senate trial, the arguments moving, really? I think put pressure on and Democrats can use of a great procedurals called Budget reconciliation. This allows him to bypass a filibuster and pass it on a party line vote. But it would only take one Democrat got all that and the one Democrats. Walking is dough Manson of West Virginia. He was not pleased with Vice President Kamila Harris. Coming out doing Television interviews in all this when, uh when, after they didn't tell me what's gonna happen before hand out. Those that's like particle is generally you tell him, but apparently he felt Pressured by all that by the interviews to vote one way or the other, so he's really gonna be a key boats. All this keeping an eye on him. All right, Rachel, Before you go, and Michael campaigner, our executive producer, this is breaking news. Thanks to Tony. Phil saw his shadow six more weeks of winter. I'm sorry. I guess we'll just have to manage. Rachel. Thanks so much. We'll check in soon appreciate you. Yeah. Sorry. My campaign simply will not. I do not accept that decision I wanted in Serie Place. Somebody go to the go to the I want to replay. Someone go to the monitor. There's no way there's still hope for Buckeye. Chuck, Right. What did you call Poxy Tawny Phil earlier. That furry little Yeah, don't bugger. Yeah, Let's not here for a little go over. All right. So there you have the breaking news about punks. Itani, Phil. Now, boys it ground hog day or what? And I thought this is very fitting tonight. Capitol police Officer Brian Sick Nick will lie in honor of the U. S. Capitol Rotunda sick. Nick, of course, died from his injuries a day after the attack. On the U. S. CAPITOL. January 6th former President Trump's new legal team unveiled it just this past Sunday expected to deliver a brief basically to the U. S Senate by noon, and that's going to happen today and space sex, announcing yesterday it will launch the first mission to space within all civilian crew. Is at least the is one of the civilians going to be a pilot, because I mean someone's going to be on the fly The spaceship, you know, I'm the last thing you want is like my campaign or someone to be flight that shift that it anyway. All members of the members of the public it's like Don knots of that astronaut movie. But, sir, I went old school. But anyway, you've been invited Tonto, the drawing. I plan on just at least trying for one of the seats on the spacecraft. It'll be a four person mission. Commanded. Okay, so that we do have a commander. We have a tech entrepreneur. Ah, pilot on the side. Oh, so we don't have to do anything except look out the window. Wait a minute. Oh, I don't. I don't like the term pilot on the side like it's functional. No, I need a pie. Hi, little be there. She said pilot on the side. I'm like, I don't need it is like extra dressing. I need the goddamn before we've got a girl. A commander. What is it? It's a tech entrepreneur and a pie. Oh, yeah. I see what you're saying. This guy, So you know what if this pilot only got, you know, bare minimum hours like, Yeah, I got my pilot's license. It's open. Fly a spaceship 26 hours. Flight time. No, thanks. Now. All right, all right onto the Super Bowl. There's a lot of profits and we're gonna have AH, specialist with Super Bowl profits tomorrow from the coin flip to the What color the Gatorade is going to be. But yesterday some of the top notch athletes some of the big superstars in this year's Super Bowl were doing there. Zoom interviews, one of them Tom Brady, regarding I guess keeping his career live till after 45. Yeah, definitely. I would definitely consider that and you know again, I think again..

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