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In hell for those who are ripping children from the arms of their mothers putting them in cages without even a blanket that q thirty two one ninety five oats a showdown with the republican led senate c._b._s.'s natalie brand the white house telling c._b._s. news that the president would veto the house version because the house version does not include some of the enforcement funding that the white house would like to see democratic national debates begin wednesday night there's so many contenders it's been split into two nights correspondent alison keys from miami where they're being held that's to senator elizabeth warren is the only one of the top five candidates appearing and voters will be watching to see how she does against nine rivals including new jersey senator corey booker and washington governor jay inslee there's in the first group of ten include new york city mayor bill de blasio and former texas web better rourke a house fire in rural northeast wisconsin claims six lives including four kids bruce marcus is there the ages of the children who died range from ten months to seven years county coroner larry shattuck was on the scene that they were seen i've ever been i think that he's a parent or grandparent and take it from there no that's very tragic to people in the home managed to escape the fire apparently started on the first floor the two story farmhouse and then spread upstairs no word on what caused the blaze bruce mark is four c._b._s. news pickerel was concent- nato says to us service members have.

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