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They're saying what they believe but I don't think it's very informed and I wish they would leave it to others again. It's I can't beat up repeating like I did <hes> Colin Kaepernick because I just think she's far more authentic. She certainly far more talented in her sport. Having said that leaving REPEA- no out of of this I do think one thing that has been undercover D- in the world of sports because no one wants to take that heat I thought that women's soccer team made fools of themselves overall. I thought the celebrations the air against <hes> all of it was over the top and reminded me of one of those international basketball teams we had. I think we're maybe Alan. Iverson and some others were on it and I. I think they ended up winning a bronze medal or whatever but people didn't like the way they behave they didn't represent the country well and they got criticized for. I think there's a segment of America the doesn't like this U._S.. Women's soccer team because they got some toxic femininity going on there just a little too over the top two eighty. Your face too arrogant for some people it might take away is if you don't like them representing America then you can't tell me you you love trump and I don't WanNa talk too much politics but I always feel this way and I think I've told you this trump is like a controversial Howard Stern in the seventies and eighties he doesn't give you any where to land but for against him and I think that's his game implant. He's trying to strengthen his base and clean up the other side and his opinion. It's it's lost its way and I kinda think you can't tell me like trump because globally he gets a ton of pushback representing America and then tell me hate the soccer team even though they win because they land wrong for America like you either like our bravado and understand it or you don't like it and if you fall on don't like trump and don't like the U._S. World Cup team. I'm good but I think I I think it's an illustration of people's personal politics if if you if you love the women's world team hate trump or vice versa does that make any sense so why would disagree is like look if these guys want to get involved in politics in a real way have had it go go run for Congress. Go do something and then go behave like silly. Politicians do now where everything's pandering to the camera and twitter if Megan wants to be a l._l._c. she you know have added. She's only she's older than they'll see so go run for Congress or whatever it's just for me in sports I would prefer to escape the political divisiveness. I suppose what do we do. You know it's interesting about the equal pay topic <hes> obviously again. It's polarizing. There's there's a reason in fashion that the number one male model makes less than the seventy fifth best female supermodel because women drive the commerce and fashion similarly men mostly drive the commerce in sports. All Professional Leagues Have Men Ninety nine percent of sports bettors are men about seventy percent of sports viewers. Yours are men so males men generally drive the consumption of American sports from betting viewing participating Blah Blah Blah but there are males men generally drive the consumption of American sports from betting viewing participating Blah Blah Blah but there are these unique situations where Serena is significantly mificantly more interesting than the best American male player and clearly the United States women's team is a juggernaut in our men can't even make the World Cup so that's where I'm like then just pay him like overall. Oh I think men generally earn more money because they drive men's consumption drives the industry but I think we do have a rare situation. Do we not with the United States Women's national team where listen the numbers are huge. They outdrew in their our final. The men's World Cup game by like twenty percent just remember the men's World Cup game had no American team rugged in the tournament. Let alone

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