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I'll watch this when they did. And then there's a bunch of other anime titles that there's Thailand's originals, but Netflix piling on the animates becoming it's warm. More popular every day. Do internationally Netflix tons of Bollywood movies. It's. Like German movies like hits every country's kinda sweet spot, which is very smart of them. I smart as big in a world screaming represent cash. It's all there. It's all there. Like, if you're if you're a person of Brown skin. There are do you want? Yes. If you're a Korean movies to watch this fucking shit lodge. So it's like it's there. I mean, it's available to you like it like never before. And this may be the one thing that sets them apart from the Disney because does the can't do that. But they're going to be doing other things across the board. They've been really trying to bring cultural diversity from every contract a talking about just Asia talking about Hispanic. Yup. Yup. Spanish-speaking lane is everything this shows all over the place. So they're all great international movies on their documentaries and stuff. So good for Rex this battle next year's gotta be so fucking fascinating to see what both sides Paul finally in the in the TV news segment game of thrones guys. We just talked about a little bit of game of thrones season. Eight for portly will becoming win. I half of twenty nineteen. In maybe April final six episodes serving up still quite it's been over a years as we've had any game of thrones. I found a couple of really interesting articles talking about what they going through. What we what have in store this one from vice is amazing because the shit. They're going to prevent spoilers is some unprecedented shit to prevent spoilers. They fed the actors lines through earpieces, so the scripts couldn't leak, so they give them a script. They just gave them their lines. They filmed a bunch of decoy endings and reportedly even changed the shows name to the tree of life during production to throw people off. Here's the fuck. And craziest thing they were reporting that they were using Anti-drogue guns to shoot spy cameras out of the sky. The what are the guys who works said told other table weekly if a drone flies above sets? There's a thing that can kill the drones, which is really cool. It creates a field around it and the drones just drop. It's very field. Yes. That's fucking crazy. Drove should Godzilla where he thinks the drones Alana. Oh, that's right. They can't get near him in thing. So all all of this to prevent spoilers amazing. Now, there's descriptions of a huge battle. If you guys remember the battle of the bastards. Twenty five days to shoot just that one battle in a sense believed Instagram posts back in April assistant, director lead slip that an epic war scene required. Fifty five consecutive nights to shoots, which is. Leaning nuts. Peter Dinka JR. Says it makes the battle the bastards. Look like a fiend park according to w season. Eight will open with Dinares tar garrisons army arriving at winter fell right much like Brad Theuns entourage at the beginning of the show. Remember the night king spoilers? Having watched the Nikes forces with through the LOL, and he had to narratives drag inva- Syria undeterred is dragging. And it says that winner fill characters who audience have been following for nearly a decade. We'll finally cross paths. Igniting a sweeping battle against the aria that dead. Holy shit. I cannot wait any mazing to see how I mean every episode. They're spending fifteen million dollars a fucking episode. I can't wait. Holy crap. And if it's watch game it thrown all over again. Or you know, I watched a couple episodes sees in the last season just randomly brother-in-law's over while. They were still fuck. Great. I may go back and watch the last season watch the battle about on the bastards unless he's only seven seven episodes. I've never been able to watch full episodes, full seasons or episodes of anything. Like once. I watched them never go back. I I'll go back, but I can't watch the full episode. It's like I've seen this. It doesn't. It doesn't excite me. The rewatch things like watch movies for some reason TV shows, I can't not Scott pilled. Builder. Damn movie kid Harrington said he cried twice when he read the the end of the script and some we got sometime. Fans season seven two. I'm I'm still okay..

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