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No one oh man right three with mario lopez with lopez lee michelle is here in studio were your filming a new pilot it's a pilot for now that i really hope that we get to continuing to full series but it's about a young rapper who ends up running for town mayor and winds and as a great young cast he plays wrapper on his news brennan michael halt cements have you ever watch search party so great and greater so i play valentina his friend from high school and a like a smart girls and he comes to her and he's like please calm and like help me with this you know campaign it's a sheep serb aggression the comes along and helps him would super as every episode has original hiphop and rap from debbie digs who won the tony for hamilton over that's great says he had rigged you get to sing the hooks i'm not not listen i'm just sitting in looking pretty busy i await the rationale has always have the cooling leaders meet arrive on like boys of your it's funny 'cause i just did a show with all girls namen show the boise a wholly different darren say either as great vow what we are pleased norweb anytime congratulations on everything you can get all of his tour dates and ticket info dot com you can follow me on twitter liam michelle thinks his by from the guy coast to coast where fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance that guy on tori the first ever wonderwoman movie is coming your way seventy five years to finally make it to the big screen and you can see the movie when it opens everywhere on friday june second in witness how diana kicks bought and find your true destiny is one of the greatest superheroes of all time wonderwoman her time is calm rated pg thirteen in theaters everywhere june second iheartradio music you should know featuring ed sheeran castle on the hill when i was six years old mile leg.

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