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It is members supported eighty nine point three kpcc i'm nick roman as part of the california dream collaboration that brings together kpcc with newsrooms across the state are transportation reporter meghan mccarty krino will be looking at mobility issues and how they relate to the changing idea of the california dream today she was on air talk larry mantle asking listeners about how elis worse worsening traffic affects their lives the the the new the lead nobel more people walk in la than went missing persons recorded that song but still the primary mode of transit is the personal automobile in fact there's been a spike in car sales gas is still relatively cheap and so more and more people driving means more and more congestion the question is how was that affecting your life in was angeles as it defected where you choose to live has changed the way do you use the city you're one of the things i've said on air talk over the years is get out and use southern california we have all these incredible communities and experiences and places to go to get the full la experience wolf much harder to take that advice and actually do it now so high how has traffic a and the difficulty getting around affected girelli experience we're at eight six six eight nine three kpcc or the air talk page kpcc dot org and with me making mccarty querino kpcc reporter who covers commuting.

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