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Hello, everyone. I'm Stephen west, this is philosophize this. You know, there's a lot of notifications that come up on your phone that just bring up negative feelings. The news app that tells you the world is ending. The bank telling you your accounts overdrawn. Text messages from your family, tell me about God knows what. Look, I got one ambition in this entire world, and that's to make a podcast where I release an episode. It comes up on your phone as a notification, and it produces nothing but positive feelings. Like, wow, looking forward to listening later. If that's a feeling you've ever had with this podcast, then it warms the ventricles of my heart. Thanks to the people out there who give back, Patreon, philosophize this dot org. I hope you love the show today. So one of the things people have requested the most over the years on this podcast are more episodes on Albert Camus. He was a French Algerian absurdist philosopher known for his fiction, nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. I think 11 different times.

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