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On my property tours for many years in fact I've been doing these tours on some level on some In some way for over twenty years. That's a long time to practice and get my routines pretty down and I feel like this is where you guys all need to be before you ever open your front door and step outside and see a property with me. You need to know the details. You need to know the behind the scenes of these places and these properties. I don't think it's acceptable. Regardless of the current situation. Right now to be heading out and to be going to random open houses to possibly Review Properties before you make the educated before you get educated about these areas about these properties about the good. The bad and the ugly is okay. Now for the purposes of this podcast. I'm going to do a little bit of behind the scenes of the property in the area. He'd be a little history. Tell you a little bit about the property. If I say much more than that I might lose you guys before we ever get to the actual tour. And I don't WanNa do that. I don't WanNa bore anybody off. The off the podcast. I think I've been doing pretty good about making sure. That never happens because right in front of me. There are my rules. My rules are don't be boring. That's my rules. I don't ever want this to be boring. Not only not boring but I just WanNa make sure that for each of you because my experience buying a home back in nineteen ninety eight. I was twenty four. I'd save money for five years. I was so excited my experience and I wasn't a realtor them. My experience with a realtor was the biggest letdown. In the history of home-buying. I was just so disappointed. This particular agent was just the absolute worst I didn't know anything about how they were or what was the. What was the qualifying factors any of that garbage. So the moment I had the opportunity to become more than just a realtor because again you if you're hiring someone in two thousand twenty. That's just a realtor you're getting ripped off. You're only getting one piece of a very important global pie now. The realtor part again. That's that's one part of it. But this podcast to the marketing that goes into it reaching out to you guys connecting with thousands of you across the world twenty-five thousand plus total place so far storytelling goes far. Go so far back that again. It's literally part of each of our DNA when you hear these four words once upon a time for many of you. You'll remember a story that you heard from when you were a kid or just yesterday. There are billions of stories told since again since the beginning of time the telling of stories as soon as spoken as soon as the spoken word as soon as it was you know people speaking there has been storytelling long before any writing. So this is part of all of us so you guys coming along with me on these storyteller tours. I hope is the beginning of a new smarter.

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