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More turner no but he hasn't on his side is personalities just was is at one of those two you know dump his chest and say he's the bodice um it's unfortunate because i that could really really i mean he'd be a complete superstar now he may sit here and listen and say i don't want that and it's not unfortunate on happy where i am but he said it wants before and then realize he wasn't making as much as over aim and then he had a problem with it at one point or another you realize that the money really is important especially if it's out there and others are making it you know what i mean all takes the loss or just some sort of adversity like oh shit white on a get minds um showtime if if in ghana wins oh man i think the ifc's really going to get behind them um he he's these just pretty captivating today the truth to do that can imagine them doing like analogy redo that mean joe greene commercial within ghana in the fight there you go it's like it's a vacuum this is just the look at other yet thanks me jail just the that french accent is the only thing that made me kills him a little bit but for the whole is gonna cooler do do yeah uh let me i guess tyson got away with a list nobody at a prague without even when uh seen bolt lennox lewis he's got his little bit of an accent yeah lennox lewis lennox looking to take it actually i just wish she had a d can be matombo voice are somewhat unwritten miles in that in my house yeah are just that i dunno i it um thanks for the call we gotta move onto commercial sex drive safe out there showtime i folks we can take a break when we come back we'll talk to game bread jorge mas at all see when his next fight might be london versus bis being in april verses you'll make me he through those out maybe there's some other things on his mind we'll find out it's emily jumped radio on through six three.

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