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Who have worked and acted in four to six weeks to build out and deploy a texting capability. And so right. We all the old examples of the cleanliness and the challenges of lining stakeholders a lot of that has been burnt out the window and it systems are moving quicker right there moving faster than than they ever have before. And so you know trying to continually work on your oranization keep things nimble and being able to move fast and kind of learn from your mistakes has been a big shift that we've seen in our health system network and i think that's proving to be a really really good value. Add for some of these systems that are are just trying to block and tackle and now that things are kind of coming down. Although i wouldn't say that think through how do they redesign their organizations to accomplish the things from a long term strategy. Protect them not. I think that's great. You know. I mean and the other point there is wave to so if it has happened. How do you prepare yourself. That's what everyone's asking for great. Everyone's really asking that question right now. It's how do we best prepare ourselves. Wave to or what might even be wave three or just really the dynamic nature i think of the environment a good example actually had a good conversation with the health system recently. And they're trying to design you know their virtual health strategy to be pretty nimble and understand that wall right now. We're not seeing many inpatient as a freight were seeing a lot of virtual visits. But we know that that's going to change over the course of the next month and year. How do we design an operation that just lets us flex kind of up and down right. And what are the considerations there like. How are.

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