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A throw it into the insurance well in the world of physical therapy so this sh- this show is a reprieve of something we did about thirty days ago. So i in the intro of the show we really called it a thirty day reevaluation if we had a conversation about something important and we all agreed it was important and we should do something more than talk about it. We need to have a time to reconvene to then look back and say what has happened since then and that's what we're trying to look at here today taking a look back As a as a reminder and this was shared via stat news dot com. I thought they did a great job. Re racking the the issue. And i'll share this link of where i got this. In the show notes the author is usually macfarlane. This first episode was spurred by a tweet and a podcast from the journal of the american medical association and in it a host a white editor and physician questioned whether racism even existed in medicine. It's now surfacing complaints in social media backlash a backlash that jama and other elite medical journals have routinely excluded minimized and mishandled issues of race. A recent example. And we're going to hear a lot of those from our guest tonight. Included research blaming higher death rates from cope with nineteen and african americans on a single gene in their nasal passages a letter claiming structural. Racism doesn't play a role in pulse. Oximeters working less well on patients with dark skin because machines can't Bias ended article claiming that students of programs designed to increase diversity in medicine won't make good doctors and these are just recent examples. A quote from that article was it's the voice of medicine referring to journal american medical association. They set the priorities that quote from britain james and assistant professor of clinical family medicine at the university of illinois of a college of medicine. Co founder of the incident institute for anti-racism in medicine. She helped start a petition calling for widespread change at jama attracted nearly eight thousand six years since then only one person has been asked to leave at the journal of the american medical association again. One of their members questions whether racism could be embedded in society because of quote. It's illegal..

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