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I'm imam and dad and and doug grandmother's and na experiences in school in the funk times it when you around those players and a we went last week oh we visited dayton ohio a jim went down to speak to the dayton a ghana's club a bill gone locked amanda recruited me was there some of our players when i coat that eating high school which just on the west side of of dayton ohio a came over for the event though we had players from the east side i coasted xenia high school in some of their players came over and had a chance to visit with them and and a story that are that are recall is in bob davis was a full force at eton back in nineteen 64 uh very very good player could blocker good ball care just distant outstanding young man and in those days we were kinda fence lombardi era you not to practices a day we had three practices a day you practice in a morning that you'd have a practice in the heat of the day just uh accola meant the players the sweat in hard work and then you'd come back about six o'clock at night for for another practice and in between you'd have some meetings i mean it was it was a grind and all day sucker all day sucker end and players would uh would work hard harder maybe the nave ever worked in their in their lives end up and bob davis was a part of one of those those years in which we had those three day practices and then it was in in uh in the '60s late '60s early 70s uh but ninety seven nine or so i i'm coach in here at michigan i get this letter and letters from bob davis and i had lost contact with him a little bit i knew that he had gone into the service in its served in vietnam and and through that experience and but uh hadn't talked to him about stories or anything and it was a beautifully well written letter and that just of it was coach if it hadn't been for football if it hadn't been for my experience.

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