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Have not worked out for the last ten years i can't i've limitations that won't be there in yet there is a reason why it had to be me because at that time former mvp of major league soccer at peak blond hair blue eyes american a king speak well think about it sarah like you can't get any better example at that time to then be showcase of head injuries and we didn't know what are head injuries are as we do in two thousand nineteen but think of this as i scored that goal my next door neighbor is junior sale my become best friends with jr sale we'd go to dinner every monday tuesday night you know depending on his schedule and we sat there and we ended up having conversations and i told the story on the on the thirty for thirty we literally had conversations about his head injury starting at age fifteen i didn't realize at the time he was asking for help so when i see that story and i tell you my story like i was on the verge of signing an eight million dollar deal in england the day the month before i get punched in the face that those negotiations start with the crafts it was meant to be who is meant for me to be that person now granted sarah not to get into it but i had a choice last year either i sued the league or i don't and i chose not to cause i think i'll have a greater impact being proactive with education and awareness that started a foundation were last year we had i think it was four point three million kids within your soccer take my pledge that i wrote about education and awareness i just i had any real decision making in granting maybe it's against the grain because who knows what that money would have been but i think i'll have a greater impact so anyways that's why i say it's the greatest gift ever because i always thought i would have been remembered and doing podcast with the sarahspain is of the world about scoring goals the reality is i'm gonna be remembered and i am being remember right now for concussions because i am literally gonna make sure things change in some people particularly in the nfl world can't stand me but the reality is i'm saying the truth in syria other aspect of this that's absolutely crazy is nfl players are calling me that's a soccer guy someone the number was like who cares because they know i don't have any skin in the game i care about these athletes right it's just it's it's remarkable when you ask me like what did i know know about that injury and whatnot no i had no idea like i had no idea that on july eighth two thousand nineteen i still have a headache and still be talking about it with sarahspain but the reality is it i am right a couple of followups there you said you were sort of lucky in the sense of being you know not being pick for the world cup team and you're grandfather passing away you said it was a gift have this injury how do you explain your perspective on things like that i find that a lot successful people are able to like one of the toughest questions on my podcast all every time is what you're biggest failure because i'm speaking to incredibly successful people and they own internal things they literally they've they've moved on from every time things haven't worked out and spun it into a positive which is part of the reason i think they've found success so you're perspective i'm looking at these things do you think it came over time would you be honest and saying oh i always felt this was a gift i always felt this look or how do you find the perspective cause some people dwell on things like that for the rest of their lines they say i was giving a raw deal i'm never gonna succeed because this person did me wrong instead of being able to find a way the turn it into a positive sarah again problem is the listeners in you that when i was taking six shots oxy cotton the night and drink and a handful of aka one the final time i ever did that i i didn't look at this as a gift so it's been over time and it's had to take me but in order to you everyone has failures and that's the one thing i in my father used to always say that to me he goes taylor everyone has everyone used to take a couple of things that say that there's always gonna be someone that makes more money in you and everyone as failures they're just a different levels but how you eat adversity reveals character doesn't build character and i've always believed that in in order to do so you've gotta go through the mud i know you could sit here fern thirty five forty minutes or five hours and talk about you're trials and tribulations we all have it it's what you do with it but dance your question no this wasn't overnight it's not like i woke up with vertigo dizziness and not being able to actually watch television or even look at my cell phone or do anything that was for five years ago that wasn't right after the world cup so it's yeah it's one of those things you have to you have to look at it but there is something to everything from me nobody and i mean nobody was talking about concussions so when i get my concussion and then literally six months later i'm on i'm sorry eighteen months later is what the timeframe was an i'm meeting with bob bob lee about doing something on outside the lines so you tell me that wasn't meant to be that i'm sorry it just was and that's when i started to take this into a positive i said no i think the world in the universe any energy in this world said no he can handle it so but it if i'm on line you if i said it's overnight in listen i could wake up tomorrow and i'll shoot you attacks and say i hate i hate my wife i hate the fact that i can't work out or do anything normal that i used to be able to do but the reality is i know hata i think talk about it which i think is very important but i also know how to process all of those feelings and try to make it into a positive but it's not overnight i'll tell you that much you mentioned and the headaches that you still have the prescription drugs and alcohol that you were using to treat it when you were still you know in the throes of it is there a fear of some of the longer lasting effects of an end up having c t of of seeing junior sale and others because we saw associate that with what ball but obviously as you and i think taylor foundation and everything you're doing with the soccer side of things it's just is prevalent have been issued their did that play you the way that i hear from former football players not really because i think it's a way it's a waste of energy from me i'm not gonna sit here and lie to you and say these thoughts haven't crossed my mind absolutely sarah but you know there's certain i wanna write a book a in it'd be an example that you can have post concussion syndrome and you could lift you survive and that's why i'm doing all of the therapies and trying to find the answers and actually being okay enough that i couldn't travel two hundred plus days free sbn in covering work and do stuff you've gotta make sacrifices prices and do stuff but i know i i'm not gonna be that guy or woman but sarah the conversation needs to change because if we really believe in our hearts at this is just an american football grid iron football problem radovan our minds were literally out of our minds we've got cyclists at stanford giving concussions and then taking their wives eight in the in the reason why i think taylor and i went after soccer sears because of the women because gross because we oh why why are we only talking about being a phone there's no women playing the phone what do we do we write it makes no sense if we're gonna honestly educate and bring awareness it city eight nine ten eleven twelve year olds which is girls am boys not one of these other ingredients need as much if not more attention because a certain genetic differences ends in hormones and whatever we i'm not gonna play you know play doctor here but the reality is the girls need as much if not more information and awareness and look at the world cup final sarah like if fifa actually cared in addressed it we couldn't make massive massive strides in changing the sport but not having players quit the sport changing the world for the better but the reality is fever doesn't care about it so yeah it's it's it's a topic i'm very passionate about because i think that's the whole reason why i had the success i had in only six here's in major league soccer and then boom falling flat on your face no pun intended and now how do you react in do you tell that story the fact that i told the story i'm helping more people now than i ever would have scorn hatrick sir scoring goals are then you're just another athlete yeah so you mentioned that these long lasting effects were not being able to do the things you used to and i don't know the extent of that but it's a really interesting topics from me 'cause you know what it is to be a former athlete is so different for different people their former athletes like scottie pippen who looks like he could probably go out and still only forty eight minutes about falling right 'em he'd have a double double right now rain right now granted that's an indictment on of the crap but curious but yeah there guys like that where and i don't know why why you know he he popped in my mind but there's a bunch of people and they're able to be athletes in their entirety of their labs and then there are people who and that's why i will never make fun of a former athlete who gets bigger 'cause we have no idea what what's going on right we know people can't make it up the stairs and yet somehow people expect him to to look like they did at their peak shape for the entirety of their lived there struggling to just do every day i'm still in physical therapy fraternity my killys accredited whole jacked up kinetic chain i'm not allowed to run hasn't been allowed to run for five years and it sucks because so much of who i was in my identity with always sports and if not competing for real at least being able to go out and flag football ends and softball and volleyball and destroy everyone and i can't do that i can't do it i'm not physically able to end it absolutely kills me so for you to go from literally professional level to dealing with the results of that and now it sounds like you're still having to deal with what is it mean for you and your identity as an athlete yeah it's a tough on it by the way i saw it in you posted a picture on social media instagram like the difference and you're like yeah yeah like how creepy was that photo initially look like my math really gross yeah i was like whole like in in no one really knows that you know athletes know that in you know my brother to on the same wavelength is you're my brother had to wait see else a within thirteen months and that's why his professional career under but he's what is eight thirty four thirty five i'm gonna turn thirty six in most likely will need a replacement he can't do anything because one of those eight ceo's what's on a sprinkler head it it it it changes you see again i'm gonna play a little bit of a doctor but sarah this is kind of how i fought through it and understood it and why depression is a huge aspect of certain the athlete of most of us when you're done you lucy endorphin and you actually lose the biochemical process of your brain of that endorphin being released that's a huge part of it like so much of people were like oh till you're depressed 'cause you're not on billboards you're not on that i'm like no no no no i'm actually depressed because something's off so i finally was like there's gotta be a reason why and then you go meet neurologists and brain people like that have studied this for the live sound like well no you you did endorphins since you were seven having gone four run or gotten your heart rate over certain barred from the last five six years to that that's so sarah.

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