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It was usually hosted by a horror movie star. So people you had on the inner sanctum. Were boris karloff. Claude rains vincent price. Lon chaney bela lugosi but then also have people. Like burgess. Meredith orson wells frank sinatra richard mark And they're actually over five hundred episodes broadcasted and what was the telltale of the inner sanctum mysteries. Were the creaking door opening over. Where the voice her begin. Yeah but then later on in nineteen forties actually six films produced by universal studios that. Use the inner sanctum name. All of which featured lon chaney and the first one being calling dr death which was actually filmed in just three weeks on one universal lot and they were all extremely low budget. But obviously we still talk today about the horror movie monsters so they still consistently popular. You'll see them still all over universal studios and obviously you had parodies of them. So they've made a mark with things like abbott and costello films. Then you had things like the munsters. So that's where we are. I also use information from acclaimed. Health dot co history dot com vulture dot com live about. And if you're curious. I do have a very quick. Every classic monster movie universal mountain movie ranked by vulture. Hit me with it. Okay we're gonna start running into the top ten. Okay scroll down to the very bottom restarting at ten or starting at yes okay. Start ten and we'll go he has. There's thirty one little nick. Yeah we we'll post that apart. Actually you know what. I'm going to give an honorary mentioned a number eleven. Okay so a number eleven you have revenge of the creature nine hundred fifty five and this is the first sequel to the creature from the black lagoon. Okay number ten. Abbott and costello meet frankenstein. Nineteen forty eight. Then you have dracula. Nineteen thirty one the spanish language version. Oh okay. Which ironically the director. George melford spoke no spanish. So was it accurate. Well they had a. I mean i think dracula actually played by carlos. Valeria sal okay and lupita tovar was meena which she was renamed to ava in the movie number eight. We have son of frankenstein. Nineteen thirty nine and baron. Wolfson frankenstein is played by basil rathbone. And this is where you find Eager who plays these played by lugosi and then covering the body. The monster karloff. For the last time the last time he played frankenstein. Number seven we have dracula. Nineteen one number six have creature from the black lagoon. Nineteen fifty four number five. We have the wolfman nineteen forty one number. Four the invisible man nineteen thirty three number three frankenstein. Nineteen thirty one number two. The mummy nineteen thirty two and one dribble bride of frankenstein. Thirty-five actually beat out the original frankenstein. I didn't see that coming. What made it more popular was the fact that it held up like a distorted mirror to romance and rework the idea driving into the original idea of a dark comedy okay and also little fun fact about that movie. Elsa lanchester actually did hurt typical her iconic.

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