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Dot com of megan kelly goes after a rally on her show yesterday and then he should he released his three let three letters who written by her to him when they both worked at fox dear bill this is from making your bill what a class act you are coming to my baby shower i was truly touched i know how busy you are especially that time of day of met a lot to me and doug her husband and thank you for the dow carling bodysuits and snugly snugly for the baby it's hard to believe will suv so we'll have a little human being in our lives now how about this you become a dear friend and i'm grateful to have you in my life megan and doug all right listen that's enough for the sexual harassment story swirling in the business row the media world and politics let's switch gears now allan fung is jumping in the race for governor later later today the democratic governors association came out with a little add they're running against do they must be worried about you're running for governor who have you seen the ad the ad got a crazy what they're doing they're going to be caught it out to talk about that later they're trying to hook you to trump and say well trump wants to cut medicaid and the obamacare thank call allan fung adelele not to do that in your home operated i just started might nine here beer i have my own personality my own gone my own believe i represent the pact pairs i'm always quite incur them i'll continue to do that and that's why i'm on the radio today all right that was back in june i had him on the radio talking about these ads that the democrats were running against him then because they they think he's the front runner on the republican side what is one these show the professor from up at brown university thank him only one they are you see that guy to lose the primary yeah i will hear the farright are who've already ryan whoever i i cur plant allrounded portfolio wrapped time so i do think that he had her pack by the complicated pay more people than i think you thought maybe if we're gonna run against them well he could have.

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