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We say good morning to them as well. The folks on chat robe. The next great podcast. I've been talking about this contest, and I came up with the idea a couple of months ago because I thought with people dealing with the pandemic and a lot of time at home being quarantine, And if you had that idea, and you just want somebody to listen to your idea for a podcast. And I got together with I heart radio. And I said, Can we do something like this? What? We have 1100 entries so far. Calls didn't make it. Now It was kind of specific and I realized it was you but your name wasn't attached to your podcast idea. Yeah, It was one hour a week of me recapping game by game of Walter Peyton's career with rush music playing in the back, burying each, but I mean there's a market for it. Somewhere. There is an 80 and Walter Payton fans. Small group next great podcast. You have until the end of the month to get your entry in and then we're going to select up to 10 semifinalist. And give you $1000 each to produce a pilot episode and then people are going to vote on this on the I heart radio platforms and we'll come up with the next great podcast. There's so many to choose from. Just going through 45 of them yesterday and trying to narrow it down So many great ideas, not just sports. Okay, It's what you think would be a great podcast. It's your chance, and I'm going into business with the winner. Next great podcast dot com. Ah, a couple of things. Obviously, with no basketball yesterday, no basketball today. NFL teams cancelling practice is the NFL season 13 days away. College football starts tomorrow. Austin, P and Central Arkansas. I'm actually looking forward to this because I think it's going to be a good game. These air good teams in the F. C S. They're ranked teams and I look forward to it. No N BA games. Full slate of Major League baseball coming up, You know, it's hard to imagine the NFL season sneaking up on anyone, but it really feels like it has we're less than two weeks away. Two weeks from now we're recapping what happened with the cans. City chiefs in Houston Texans, If all goes as scheduled A lot of people put a lot of work into fantasy teams. I don't think we've had that buzz yet this year, but with no preseason everything else going on simply no buzz. Also, NFL reporters Can't get into these camps and tell us about some of the battles or some of the players that are emerging. Hey, keep an eye on this Rookie. Keep an eye on this second year player or free agent draft pick, you know, late round draft pick You know the league's done a nice job with health and safety, and I want to point this out because if it was the other way people will be screaming from the mountains. The NFL confirm zero positive Cove in test among players from August 12th through the 20th. So we're 13 days from the season and from what I'm being told. The Jaguars offensive tackle Ryan Pope is now the on Ly NFL player on the league's Cove in 19 reserve list. That's from Adam Schefter. What the league has done a great job, and hopefully that continues during the regular season is my source told me it's not the beginning. You should be worried about it be midway through the season. Howard Players Goingto act react Are they going to stay responsible Because that's really going to be the key players will be at a higher risk of suffering soft tissue injuries as well, because you don't have the same kind of workouts. You didn't have preseason games as well. So.

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