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Have died in nineteen speak to the doctor coordinating the response in the hardest hit region of Lombardy about what America needs to do to stop the pandemic also a hospital chaplain in Washington state who can't get physically close to corona virus patients to give spiritual support and comic and actor Cameron Esposito has a new book out and a personal brush with code nineteen wasn't allowed to go into the waiting room with her and then I was sort of sitting in the hall and the doctor came out with that like very serious doctor face that you never want to see it Sunday March twenty ninth news now live from NPR news in Washington I'm Barbara Klein coronavirus infections in the US are nearing one hundred twenty five thousand more than two thousand have died according to Johns Hopkins Louisiana is fast becoming one of the pandemic's hot spots according to the latest from the state's health department nearly one hundred forty people in Louisiana have died from covert nineteen most of them in the New Orleans metro area Patrick Madden of member station W. W. Eno has more the number of known coronavirus cases in Louisiana jumped more than twenty percent Saturday with more than three thousand people now testing positive for the deadly virus and concern is mounting over the ability of New Orleans area hospitals to meet the expected crush of coronavirus patients who need ventilators and beds in ICU units there's also fear that nurses doctors and other health care workers don't have enough personal protective equipment like N. ninety five masks and the city has started and equipment drive to take in donated gear the governor of Louisiana John bel Edwards says he wants to begin using the convention center in New Orleans to start housing patients who've tested positive for the corona virus for NPR news I'm Patrick Madden in New Orleans coronavirus cases and deaths in Germany have soared this weekend despite strict social distancing and commercial lockdowns NPR's rob Schmitz has details from Berlin the latest figures for the country updated Sunday from Johns Hopkins University show a significant spike of more than fifty three thousand confirmed cases and four hundred and thirty three deaths in Germany the country is the third most impacted in Europe by the corona virus behind Italy and Spain a government study leaked to German media shows that in a worst case scenario with limited social restrictions seventy percent of Germany's population would soon be infected eighty percent of intensive care patients would be rejected by hospitals and the death toll would surpass a million if strict measures are taken for at least two months and testing is ramped up to two hundred thousand per day the study estimates a million Germans would become infected but only twelve thousand would die Germany has announced it is not planning on relaxing social distancing a public gathering rules before April twentieth rob Schmitz NPR news Berlin the Dutch government has recalled more than half a million face masks ordered from China because they're defective Terry Schultz reports they don't fit securely in their mouth filters don't keep out the coronavirus it's not clear how many of the six hundred thousands defective masks may already have been used they were part of a batch of one point three million masks the Netherlands bought from China Spain and the Czech Republic have also reported receiving test kits that don't correctly diagnose infections still France has announced in a new order of one billion face masks most will come from China this is NPR news India's prime minister Narendra Modi is apologizing for imposing a three week locked down on the country's one point three billion people mody calls the measure harsh but necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus Serbia is banning pet owners from walking their dogs as part of its policy to fight the spread of covert nineteen but veterinarians say the measure could make conditions less hygienic in homes and Joanna could kisses reports there's plenty of backlash from dog owners the small southeastern European nation has imposed tough measures to fight cobit nineteen infections Serbs under sixty five could stay home from five PM to five AM but Intel this weekend they could take their dogs or cats out for a twenty minute walk now the government has banned walking dog parents lashed out on social media they said the ban will harm their dog's health Serbs over sixty five have been stuck indoors with their pets for some time one elderly woman tried to get around that ban a local news video showed her using a harness to lower her small dog on to the grass outside her first floor apartment for NPR news I'm Joanna Kakissis the mayor of Jonesborough Arkansas says a tornado that hit the region yesterday would have been more devastating of residents weren't staying home because of the corona virus pandemic roofs were ripped off and cars were tossed around but only six people were hospitalized with minor injuries I'm Barbara Klein NPR news in Washington support for NPR comes from General Mills the maker of nature valley crunchy granola bars and the ECMC foundation working to improve postsecondary educational.

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