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I grew up in Utah. I grew up the mountain was my backyard up running around my husband's from midtown Manhattan. So like. Very different. But yeah, I mean, we used to go out in the desert and cut Geos open. I've always just been around it. I noticed that difference in my life with working with them. Like, in what sense in a sense of you know, I would bring him to work if I had an important meeting years ago when I was in the corporate space of. That was either courage building or that was super grounding. That would help me speak clearly end. Yes. Like, maybe it was just the idea of it almost like a placebo effect. But truthfully like, I don't really think it matters. Like if it works for you coda CBO facts like that's great. You know, I think it's really just kind of getting you to that that next face that you're trying to move into whatever form, hopefully, you know. Own spiritual leaf, right? Like, there's no evidence of a certain higher power being more prominent or truthful than another. But you believe in it. It just is. So I can understand why someone could be into something. And yet, we don't see it that way. But if you believe in it, and that's all a matter. Help through in your dreams and encouragement, and yeah, yeah. It's like one tool in the toolbox to start like the crystals gonna make all your dreams. Come true. Yeah. Not. And I would never say that you know, what I mean? I think it's more of like, it becomes almost a question of mine of matter. Right. Becomes a question of tuning your mind, and your focus and your intention to what it is that you want obviously, you have to take that actionable steps towards that. You can't just sit in bed and rubber crystal think that like ever imagine. Yeah. We're working our listeners. Find julie. Where like are you? What else are you doing? What else am I doing? I'm working on a book this year. Yeah. On the line. The line's been amazing spine the lines. The line is a star star so online. It's a star collective A S T A R A. Yep. And on social and then I'm Marie K lions dot com. I love it. Well, thank you so much. I'm like, I I think we should try it. I want to give it a try. I really do. Can we can we do one more? Yeah. For sure different vibration. Sure. Nice try to. Skip Amy the whole bag..

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