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At a press conference that set for two o'clock this afternoon we'll have that covered for you but their announcement follows one made yesterday by Columbus mayor Andrew Ginther who called for more community policing efforts moving forward and an end to the use of chemical spray agency used by Columbus police officers to disperse crowds of peaceful protesters in recent days Senate Republicans are also taking action on police reform today they unveiled their police reform bill with the just the facts focuses on his police reform kind of building and transparency south Carolina's Tim Scott says an overwhelming majority of police officers are decent hard working people but he says the confidence about policing must be restored within communities of color house Democrats meanwhile are crafting their own separate bill there have been nationwide calls for police reform after the recent death of George Floyd one of the oldest breakfast brands in the country yeah is is changing their name after more than a hundred thirty years aunt Jemima is being removed from packaging for syrup and pancake mix according to Quaker oats part of its effort to make progress toward racial equality the company acknowledging the brand and logo featuring a black woman have origins based on a racial stereotype and while the images been updated over time it realizes the changes weren't sufficient the edge of my McCarrick's are inspired by a black storyteller and cooked a Nancy green according to the food company's website no word yet on the new name but re branded products are expected to hit shelves this fall Lilian Wu fox news and going out of business sales have begun today at J. C. Penney stores discounts range from around twenty five to forty percent on all of their merchandise said at.

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