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That police went to check on Wendy Williams after they received a call that her husband Kevin hunter was poisoning her this call was made back in January. And according to a police report someone that worked on a with Wendy made the call. So the police visited Wendy at her home when police arrived Kevin didn't want to leave her side. And they found Wendy revved up in a blanket from head to toe when cops asked Wendy about her health. She said she was recovering from a shoulder injury. And that she was okay. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we're going to talk about this a little bit later in this hour, but they're just I don't not think this is. I don't not real. Yeah. What I'm saying is I think that there was definitely something to this concern and nNcholas cage. Well, seems like he's trying to get over his four day marriage. And he's doing it by going and singing karaoke. And an L A bar would rape. Singing wasn't. Yeah. Like rage singing, a rendition of prince's classic, purple rain. Oh, don't do that was there on Sunday night. And he was just give it out getting it out. Now, his wife, remember, his former wife, Erica, four days is saying that she wants to file for divorce not an old, man. So that she can get spousal support from them. I mean, come on. You don't say married for floor days. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Also, I just can I just give a dirt alert of what's about to happen on the Colleen and Bradley show. Please Bradley trainer is taking in some sugar right now. So things are gonna get real fun fingers. Crying in the next hour. Oh, wow. That's exciting. I am talking to mighty amount of sugar. Okay. We'll stay tuned for that. Lastly in third alert update raider online is reporting that real housewives Atlanta, star knee leaks is going to be on the next season of real housewives of Atlanta. And she's getting a big pay raise seems like she will be getting two point eight five million dollars to say on before the franchise. Okay. Yeah. Exactly. Did she like have was there? Am I making this up tonight dream this was she kind of like threatening to not do it? There was like a dust up. Yes. Niimi league was allegedly. Maybe not going to be on the upcoming season of real held size of Atlanta. But if this is proved to be true, then not only she going to be back. She's going to be getting being the highest paid housewife purry thought of line of real good for congrats Niimi. Sorry. Well, that's all the dirt this hour..

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