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Job. At this point in the conversation linen. I took a deeper dive into the nature of the relationships. She was having with older men. That was it predatory. Was it healthy? Was it possible that it could be some combination of both? I think it's an important conversation because we talked about how our view of a situation determines whether we feel victimized or not and how the accepted cultural narrative doesn't always match our experience. It's a really interesting conversation that we didn't have time for in the regular episode. So I hope you'll go over to forward slash good girls talk about subjects. And listen there. We also talked about how having had a history of violent homes Lynn manage to create a home without violence for her, son how she approached the the topic of sex with her son and how her relationship with her body has changed since she entered perimenopause. Plus, of course the lowdown Q&A which we didn't have room for in this supersized episode audio extras are free to everyone at, regardless of whether you're a financial contributor. If you have a few dollars to pledge in support of my work each month, I will gratefully accept but if you don't, I completely understand and I honor you for taking care of yourself. Remember you can access the audio extras at forward slash girl to talk about sex to access the audio extras for free click the link in the app, you're listening on now create a patreon login and follow my account page to get updates when I post new audio extras. If you are a financial contributor, you've got a special RSS feed in your patreon account. So the audio off Does show up automatically in your podcast app? You can find out more and become a Community.

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