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Oh my God, it's better than I thought. Welcome to the bob and cherry show. With bob, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And cherry. She a full blown with the little wife. And now broadcasting from the palatial barb and sherry studios is bombing sharing. Welcome, welcome, welcome to the bob and cherry show, nice to have you with us. I think that we've all been watching too many movies and getting all hyped up as my mother would say. Because some craziness goes on, especially this time of the year, a photographer whose name is Stephanie stamos was taking some photographs on a beautiful place called horse tooth reservoir. It's in Colorado. It's a reservoir and thank God they have water. And a lot of float planes are around and a lot of pontoon boats are out on the Lake. And this one float plane, all of a sudden, started buzzing the pontoon boats and being a photographer. She had a camera with her and started taking some pictures. Here is the local news report. Sunday evening. I was up on horse tooth, and I was doing a photo shoot for high school senior. Stephanie stamos and senior portrait session quickly turned into her unknowingly capturing evidence for the NTSB. I see this plane and it's coming in so low and he was so close to the boat. I thought he was going to hit the boat. And in fact, when you see the picture, it was even closer than I thought it was. His wheel was like almost right on top of the boat and you can see the person in the boat with the hands up. Planes flying around horse tooth reservoir are relatively rare, let alone one nearly dipping into the water, so she started taking pictures. And you could see point by point to the footage was incredible. The plane appeared to fly over another nearby boat before climbing up and over the foothills, shortly after it crashed. I'm not surprised. Law enforcement is now investigating the flight as erratic and possibly not the result of any engine failure. That is the epitome of reckless and careless operation. I'll say it is. I mean, can you imagine, I'm looking at the pictures of this thing, it looks like it looks like the plane is about ten feet above the pontoon boat. And there are people in the pontoon boat and he kept doing it and I presume it's a guy, maybe it's not. Kept doing it to boat after boat after boat. That's the sort of thing I think you need to be put in jail, at least for a few weeks. Well, I'm sure they got them. I mean, you know, he's not in stealth pontoon float or boat or playing or whatever, right? Right. And this is not like a really great pilot because he crashed. He crashed after having buds these people. I just look, it's in the people. Don't you know that there are cameras everywhere. They're going to take a picture of your plane, then they're going to call the police. Police are going to find out where the plane is from and you are going to go to jail. What gets into people. The world is not a Bruce Willis movie. It's just not. I think maybe it's because I'm a Capricorn, but these kinds of stunts always seem like a terrible idea to me. Like if I could fly a plane, if I had the courage and the skills to fly a plane, this is not how I would be flying it. Like, I don't understand. I don't have any of that sort of wild daredevil chromosome stuff. I've got none of it. None of you. I think if my first thought is always, listen, people could get hurt here. Now stop it. Right, right. I know, I'm the same way. We're not exciting, but we're still here. I think if I were to take a flying, it would be a float plane, because here's the way I look at it. If something goes wrong with the plane, which it can go wrong, I mean, I've been in a couple of planes where there was some mechanical problems. There's usually some water around somewhere, right? Especially if you live in an area that has a lot of lakes. So you lose the engine, but you go, oh, I lost the engine, but at least you can put it down with those pontoons and land the damn thing. I mean, I guess, you know, but only you, the kind of people that learn how to fly and get flight pilot licenses, they don't say things like, well, if I'm going to learn to fly, I need to learn to fly something that I can put down on the water in case I crash. That's the difference between you and people that go get their pilot's license. Have you ever known anyone with a pilot's license? They never say stuff like that. Their brains, I don't even think their brains go there. That's why you and I don't fly. Just because I'm careful just because that's why we don't. If I had Jones to learn how to, if I had a Jones boy, nobody's used that expression. Don't use that anymore. And it's really a lame expression. Okay. If I really wanted to fly a plane and I was nervous about my skill level, but I still wanted to do it. The floatplane would be the way to go. Like I said, because you can just put it down on a Lake or a pond maybe. Wouldn't you think they'd make all jets that have to fly over like the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean to have that? Wouldn't you think they'd have that? That's a very good idea. I would feel much more comfortable flying to Ireland if I knew there were giant pontoons underneath the thing that would come out. That's a very good idea, max. I'm not going to forget that one. Why don't you make a note of that in case anyone does it, and then you can demand to get credit for it. And I'm going to share the credit card. High speed jet slash pontoon please. Yeah, yeah. And Matt, did you hear that? You're going to get some credit. You're going to get some of the money. It's bob and cherry. It's a bobbin sherry off air podcast called the odd cast. Podcasting. Podcast. With stuff we wouldn't couldn't or shouldn't do on the regular show. In the episode in the land of lies, sherry interviews podcaster Sean kite about a police officer who may have been wrongly convicted of murder 29 years ago. The bobbin sherry off air podcast, the podcast. We got a big podcast to do here. Get it now on the free bobbin cherry app, bob and sherry dot com or wherever you get your podcasts. She's done it again, sherri lynch named one of the most influential women in radio. It's bob

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