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He's refused to even attend despite the mix of pro and anti spoil system republicans dinner proceeds pleasantly until interior secretary. Carl shirts rises to speak. That is the german-born thickly bearded bespectacled. Carl has no intention of shine away from the sensitive subject of the spoil system as he addresses the crowd. The public service ought not to be a soup house to feed the indignant a hospital asylum for decayed politicians. It ought not to be a nursery for political mercenaries and amir machine for carrying out. Selfish party ends officers ought to be selected with consideration of their fitness for the place they are to fill and not for their ability to pick a caucus were to run primaries or to be a good hand at draw poker in the political sense. Damn that hits hard especially for chad. Arthur the large moustachioed customs house collector owes his current gig to senator roscoe conclaves patronage and everyone in the room knows it. How many is must be on him right now. Talk about an awkward in the days to come john. Jay in his aptly named jay commission conclude that the interior secretary speeches correct. The commission calls for the elimination of at least twenty percent of the custom houses over one thousand employees and president. Rutherford hayes issued an executive order declaring that no federal employees quote should be required or permitted to take part in the management of political organizations caucuses conventions or political campaigns close quote with his patients. Senators help chester arthur. Who refuses to resign manages to hold onto his job for another year but in the end the president gets his way during a congressional recess in summer of eighteen. Seventy eight rutherford fires. The new york customs house collector ending reconstruction dealing with the great railroad strike of eighteen. Seventy seven and starting the process of civil service. Reform aren't the only things that define rutherford hayes his presidency. Personally i love the paraguay has a president day hayes. Department named in his honor after he came down in a small nations favor during an arbitration with argentina. But these are perhaps what he's best known for and despite the cloud that is the compromise of eighteen seventy seven wins the respect of many before walking away from the white house. without seeking a second term to quotas. biographer hanser. foos. What did hayes contribute to the presidency. His biographers have generally credited him with unifying the country though faulting him for not succeeding in safeguarding. Blacks writes this verdict is substantially correct. He's one of the best educated men to occupy. The white house was honest even-handed and humane taking over the scandal besmirched presidency from general grant you reestablished the good reputation of the country's first office was rewarded with republicans. Success of eighteen eighty. This was a real achievement. Close quote but has the deeply divided. Republican party goes into the eighteen eighty convention choosing whom the put forward to succeed. Rutherford hayes is a real question. Should they bring ulysses grant back for a third term. Turn to the half breeds leader. Senator james duane go with treasury secretary john sherman or simply forsake. These well known figures altogether for an unknown dark horse. This is brought to you by pay pal online. It's where pay pal was born. But it's not all dancing cats and double rainbows in cyberspace. I mean one minute. You're trying to outbid boy. Nine on some antique spoons next thing your bank account is nothing tumbleweeds but now pay pal has ventured out into the real world with non cats and actual rainbows ready to help you start taking payments in person. It's a safe and easy way to get paid just generate your unique. Qr code in the paypal app for customers to scan and start accepting pay pal inverse today learn more at paypal dot com slash us slash.

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