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About all things come from away. This is episode to. And I want to say a big. Thank you for early comments support on episode one. I also wanted to let unite then a future episode I'll be interviewing the Real Kevin T. so let me know if you have any questions for him. In this episode, all be chatting Nick and Diane Marcin the married couple that met each other for the first time during those five days new found land. But first, here's a few updates from the come for away. Well, this week Irene sank off one of the shows writers didn't interviewed Maestro about being a female in the musical. Theater industry is a really interesting rate and all link down below more information is coming out about the Swedish cost. As they continue hassles, you can follow the fantasize media updates including some video. Some of the Broadway cast members have been doing some fundraising this week portraying shot Joe team come runaway, Completed Virtual Five, K for Broadway cares and Julie Josh Astronaut. Happy spent the night sleeping outside to raise money and awareness for Covenant House an organization that supports homeless. You are leave ogling. He needs to donate down villa in Toronto. They clued George Maxwell alongside Bandmann Greg Cuco from. And their friend Jerry Finn a doing a live Gig in London Ontario not UK with their band. The row demand is on the tenth of September and our level the details down talking of live shows. A few members of our London UK cost will be singing at an event run by Geology Music UK at the Center Point Guards in need Tottenham. Court. Road. The event runs every Thursday to Sunday. From t to seven and this weekend's cast members Emma Salvo, his are Janice and Jen Tierney. All standbys are going to be a pair in be sure to check the event page. At Ten, am for all the details of hosts performing that day. My recommendation this week is going to catch up with intimations full live concerts that were streamed allies spend garden featuring various performers including right to Dhaka is really worth catching up on the website for one more week. So definitely go and check that out. That's the news for this week enjoying Condi-. Thank you very much for coming or musher. How are you doing on our spend a bit of a crazy time with everything going on redoing we're doing fine. We're mainly home cooking at home. Highlight is going to the grocery store once a week. Yeah. The making sure you wash your hands ready to. Wear masks and I need haircuts. Yeah. Being too. Comfortable going so I if there's any business to get Diane. I've got some little Caesar. So I've been trimming she has he hasn't seen what the back really looks like. Cut. Here. Is Fine as you can hide under the comfort away hotline you're wearing. The top mine. I can't take you anywhere. So..

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